Haines Watts launches nationwide campaign to help SMEs overcome growth barriers

National accountancy firm Haines Watts has launched a new campaign to help SMEs across the UK overcome growth barriers.

The campaign consists of three animated videos, which form part of a wider series called ‘This is Your Business’, that feature some of the challenges that SME business owners face. Topics include work-life balance, how to let go and grow successfully and motivation. The video releases will span across two months from October to November with a video on  ‘How to Improve Your Work-life Balance’ now released here.

The drive is part of the accountancy firm’s ongoing commitment to help SME business owners address the things that could potentially hold back their company’s long-term growth. 

As part of the campaign, business owners will be able to take advantage of downloadable guides on the firm’s website containing advice and support for each topic. The first guide can be found here

Matt Perry, managing partner at Haines Watts London, said:

“The responsibility of keeping your company running day to day, and also working out how to strategically grow your business at the same time, can be a very difficult balance to reach for a business owner.

“That’s why Haines Watts brings together their business owner clients to share their successes and challenges and hear feedback from the perspective of other company leaders.

“This video series follows on from that work and looks to inspire business owners by recognising their achievements, hard work and dedication, but also the challenges they face. 

“It was really important for us to tap into the issues that business owners face on a daily basis and deliver scenarios that will help SMEs remain in strong financial shape for the future.”