Fright Night – Four in 10 Brits admit to creepy occurrences

Two fifths of Brits (40%) say that they, or a family member have experienced something ghostly in their home,  according to a new study from AA Financial Services.

While many dress-up on Halloween in ghoulish make-believe, millions have experienced the real thing, which is no trick or treat. The nationally representative survey asked more than 2,000 British adults if they or a family member had ever experienced anything creepy in their homes.

Along with 13% of respondents saying they had felt or sensed that someone was in in the room, a further 11% said they had heard noises coming from an empty room in the house and a similar number had experienced an unexpected cold chill despite all windows being shut (11%). Others had experienced moving objects, doors banging on their own and spookily, the TV switching itself on and off.

People living in London and the North West were most likely to report haunted house happenings (45% respectively).

Top 10 spooky experiences in the home

Spooky event National total 
A sense / presence of someone being in the room 13%
An unexplained noise coming from a room in the house (footsteps/door banging) 11%
An unexpected cold chill (even though the windows and doors were shut) 11%
The feeling of someone watching me 10%
Our pets behaving strangely in response to a presence in the house 9%
Objects being moved out of place for a reason no one could explain 7%
TV / radio going on/off on their own 7%
Hearing voices 6%
I / a member of the family has seen a ghost 5%
Doors/ cupboards opening shutting by themselves 5%

Warren D’Souza, a spooksman at AA Financial Services says:

“Although three in four Brits plan to spend big on their home improvements this winter, there are some things that a lick of paint can’t cover up. For those that do experience ghostly experiences this Halloween, AA Financial Services confirms that any damage to your home caused by a ghostly presence would be covered the accidental damage clause of your policy.”

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