Lincoln cathedral partners with hospice to light up Lincoln this month

On Tuesday 26th November, Lincoln Cathedral will be joining St Barnabas Hospice to remember loved ones at the Torchlight Procession in Lincoln. Following the lighting of the Tree of Life, the Cathedral will officially switch their new lights on – blue and yellow to honour the Hospice.

Chris Wheway, Chief Executive at St Barnabas Hospice, said:

“The Torchlight Procession is the event in the Hospice calendar which moves me the most. Walking shoulder-to-shoulder with people from across Lincolnshire who are remembering loved ones is truly special to be part of and such a sight to behold.

“Seeing the light of a thousand torches light up the night is an incredibly powerful image and one that will remain with me for a very long time. It is very moving when the Procession pauses outside our Inpatient Unit to play Amazing Grace for the patients. The nurses will come out to watch the Procession go past with patients who are well enough, and they open the doors on the ward so those who aren’t as well can still hear the music.

“The lighting-up of our Tree of Life will be extra special this year as we have partnered with Lincoln Cathedral. Once the lights of our loved ones are shining brightly on the Tree of Life, Lincoln Cathedral will officially switch on their new lights. These will be turned blue and yellow to honour our Hospice and all the patients we have cared for.”

The Revd Canon John Patrick, Subdean of Lincoln, said:

“We are honoured to partner with St Barnabas Hospice and play a part in the Torch Light Procession and the lighting of the Tree of Life; it is a truly moving event which brings the whole city together.

“Light is a symbol of hope and comfort, and a reminder of God’s presence in our lives. The Torch Light Procession gives people a focal point to remember loved ones and to recollect the light they brought into their lives.

“The Cathedral too is a focal point for the whole city of Lincoln. I hope that the sight of this much-loved building illuminated once again inspires a sense of hope, endurance and optimism in all who see it.

“It is fitting that the blue and yellow of St Barnabas shine on the Cathedral to recognise the wonderful work of the organisation and all the people they have helped.”

Due to the works currently taking place at Lincoln Cathedral, the Lincoln Tree of Life will stand outside The Lincoln Hotel for one year only. Thanks to the generosity of The Lincoln Hotel, the Procession route will remain largely unchanged and supporters will still have a lovely view of the Cathedral in the background of the tree.

Before the Procession there will be a church celebration held at Our Lady of Lincoln Church (LN2 2HE) from 6pm. This will feature touching readings, music and a time for quiet reflection. Candles will also be lit in remembrance. This celebration is optional to attend but will finish in time for those wanting to attend the Torchlight Procession too.

The Torchlight Procession will leave Claytons Sports Ground at 7.30pm, so the Hospice is asking people to arrive for 7pm to leave time for purchasing torches/lanterns and joining the Procession. Torches will be available to purchase for anyone age 16+ for £5 each. For those under 16 or those not wishing to hold a torch, battery-powered lanterns will be available for £3.50.