Brexit uncertainty sparks staggering rise in demand for customs experts

As a result of a staggering 183% rise in demand for customs professionals, WR Logistics, one of the country’s foremost transport & logistics recruiters, has warned businesses and authorities to ensure skills shortages are addressed as uncertainty around a no deal Brexit continues.

The upsurge, noted when comparing company data from August – October 2019 with the first quarter of the year, was especially visible amongst those with experience of the customs clearance process, documentation knowledge, and tariffs & rate negotiation skills

With a potential no deal Brexit meaning that workforces may face unprecedented challenges, the TUC has stated that there will be a need for ‘up to 5,000 extra people’ to cope with Brexit-related strain. However, this has not been reflected in government plans, with Treasury Secretary, Rishi Sunak, suggesting only 900 more staff would be put in place.
Commenting on the rise in demand, Lewis Richards, Managing Director of WR Logistics, said:

‘While many sectors are being affected by the possibility of a no deal Brexit, demand is already rising sharply for customs experts. If our company data is anything to go by, as we inch closer towards Brexit, this is only likely to increase.

“Employers we work with are desperate for professionals with awareness of customs tariffs and systems, with many looking to alleviate potential Brexit risk, and others using the climate of uncertainty to grow their businesses.”

“Ultimately, these workers play a crucial role in supporting the country’s infrastructure, so it’s essential that skills shortages are quickly recognised and addressed. By acting now, businesses can continue to shape the future of the country’s network and infrastructure, regardless of what happens after we leave the EU.”