September 18, 2020

JTB Europe, Corporate Events and Travel launches ground-breaking package of virtual event solutions in response to COVID-19

JTB Europe, Corporate Events and Travel has announced a major step-change in its virtual capabilities with the launch of GoLIVE, DIGITALK and DIGITEAM – solutions that make the transition of offline to online seamless for meetings, conferences, product launches and events with thousands of delegates.

Companies across a myriad of sectors continue to see the value in engaging audiences by transferring their physical events online. This development in ground-breaking virtual solutions by JTB Europe, Corporate Events and Travel, which manages 7,000+ events annually for its customers, sees the crucial features of offline events become virtual, enabling continued relationship building and business development.

The GoLIVE platforms ensure much of the interaction in a physical space is still possible. There are specific event spaces to select and explore, such as exhibition halls, showrooms for product launches, and theatres for award ceremonies. Delegates can move through these rooms and interact with others seamlessly. All solutions can support large numbers of participants and provide detailed analytics and reporting on delegate attendance, participation and interaction.

At a time of economic turbulence, the ability to interact with customers in a lively and engaging manner is paramount. Launching new products, showcasing services and ensuring existing partnerships continue to prove commercially viable are all crucial – virtual events can provide the environment to convert such opportunities.

A Mega Chat function enables questions, polls and notifications so conversations continue at pace, in all the usual networks you would expect at an offline event. There is also facilitated speaker interaction.

DIGITALK is specifically designed to host guest, motivational or keynote speakers, with lots of opportunity for interaction. JTB Europe, Corporate Events and Travel can arrange these services to ensure the best person for a particular business need is available. The company believes it is crucial to ensure staff motivation and business productivity are maintained as teams continue to work remotely.

DIGITEAM is a virtual entertainment or team building solution. Participants can use their problem solving skills in a team environment for a range of intellectual and creative tasks. Employee engagement that goes beyond a team meeting over teleconferences is fundamental to building connections, boosting morale and increasing productivity.

Even company parties remain possible virtually, including options such as a remote cooking class, yoga, Zumba and many others. JTB Europe, Corporate Events and Travel says that socialising amongst teams and with business associates should still play a key role in event planning.

Svetlana Bezrodnaya, Vice President and Head of MICE and Business Development at JTB Europe Headquarters, said: “The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic overturned months and sometimes years of planning for meetings, conferences and exhibitions almost overnight. We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver virtual event solutions for our clients to ensure that they are able to excite and engage their audiences as they always have. In doing so, we’re empowering our clients to use more sophisticated and flexible solutions, while finding new and innovative ways to communicate with their customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
“Your business must continue to do business. There has arguably never been a more important time to communicate your message, connect with audiences, launch new and exciting products and motivate employees.

“Through the use of a virtual host, quizzes, online games, live commentary and chat feeds, GoLIVE, DIGITALK and DIGITEAM can embody many of the innovations and creativity of offline conferences. Having an understanding of your audience and what solutions would work best for them virtually is one of the most important factors to consider. We recognise this need and can work with you to ensure that your conference or event is as personalised as possible.”

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