Pornhub receives more website traffic than Amazon and Netflix, new research reveals!

A new report reveals the internet’s most visited websites; from search engines to social media, ecommerce to entertainment!

  • Google receives 13x the population of London in website traffic per hour!
  • Adult entertainment site Pornhub receives more traffic than Amazon & Netflix!

Today, we spend a significant amount of our waking hours online, but which websites have us repeatedly coming back for more? A new report by reveals the busiest websites on the internet; from search engines to social media platforms, news sites to entertainment and everything in between.

Search engines, social media, and pornography websites amongst the most visited websites!

Unsurprisingly, Google is crowned the world’s busiest website on the internet. In just one hour, Google receives 116,892,361 visits, the equivalent of the population of London 13 times over.

Social media platforms YouTube, Facebook and Twitter also make the top five, whilst Chinese search engine comes in at number four. In one week alone Baidu receives 1,624,583,333 visits, just over the population of China.

Whilst our need for acquiring knowledge, connecting with others, and sharing information is a common motivation for our internet usage, there are other reasons we choose to hang out online – adult entertainment. It seems people are bypassing the Netflix and heading straight for the chill as pornography websites, Pornhub and all receive more traffic than both and Netflix! The top 20 busiest websites are:

When it comes to ecommerce, Amazon dominates with three of its websites making the top ten in this category. Meanwhile, online payments website PayPal tops the finance top ten, whilst American department store comes in at number one for Fashion, closely followed by H&M and Nike.

For food, recipe sharing platforms Cookpad and Allrecipes and restaurant review site Tablelog take the top three spots, whilst British supermarkets Tesco, ASDA and Sainsburys all make the foodie top ten.

Travel websites,, Airbnb, Uber and Expedia all make the travel top five. However, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns many countries have faced, these travel websites have lost a significant number of traffic in the month of March, whilst other sectors like search engines, social media, ecommerce and pornography have all enjoyed a surge in traffic.

The full report can be seen at: