January 23, 2021

PlantSavers: Company launched in response to COVID-19 crisis saves thousands of plants

Co-Owner Matt Bouloux is rightly celebrating after the company he founded in lockdown, PlantSavers, has now helped British nurseries save over £275k of plants at risk of going to waste due to the COVID-19 crisis using their easy to use online platform.

PlantSavers hopes to make gardening accessible for everyone, by collating these plants into gardening bundles and delivering them direct to keen gardeners’ doors.  They’ve helped lots of growers who faced losing their stock during lockdown – but they’ve been sharing in other ways too.   Matt explains:

“The idea for PlantSavers was the result of a discussion by three friends during the COVID-19 lockdown, which soon became a reality with a close-knit team of friends, brothers, sisters and mothers(it was her idea!).  We want to support plant growers from all over Britain left with millions of plants at risk of going to waste, and get them to UK households who want them.

“As we continue to support nurseries and households, we’re also donating a meal for each item ordered through the FareShare charity – and we also raised £17,000 for Meals for the NHS. We’re not stopping there; with ongoing support from London and beyond, we’re hoping to save 1 million plants by the end of 2020 and donate as many meals as possible to the needy, during unprecedented levels of food insecurity in the UK.”

You can learn more at PlantSavers.co.uk