July 28, 2021

Bangarra Group appoints new Head of Sustainability & Community

Fund management and investment business The Bangarra Group has appointed Howard Jones as its new Head of Sustainability & Community.

Howard, who has had an outstanding career in corporate, public and philanthropic roles, has accepted the position alongside his existing role as Managing Director of St. Mellion Estate in Cornwall, UK. He will be responsible for co-ordinating all the group’s sustainability projects and embedding these projects into the group’s everyday work.

Jeff Chapman, Chairman of the Bangarra Group, said:

“Twenty years ago, the decision was made to put philanthropy and caring at the core of the culture and set of values of the group.  It felt like the right decision from the moment it was made and so it has proved over the years.

“Turn the clock forward and the culture and values base on which the Bangarra Group now operates is such a part of what the group does that it is strong enough to expand in purpose and impact to include sustainability and community as defined targets for our business activities.  The benefit of our experience and our evolution over these past twenty years ensures that this move is more than just business; these are family values that inform the way we live and work – we exist to build a human community that is healthier, more productive, socially inclusive and properly engaged with our vital role in sustaining peaceful co-existence with life on earth and the resources that support us all.

“For the group, in investment terms, the opportunity to supplement an economic return by the addition of a social or community benefit return is fast becoming a preferred investment model for individual and institutional investors around the world.  It is only necessary to look at the huge interest in, and support for, means of addressing climate change, to understand that tomorrow’s investors have a passion for achieving impacts that are reflected in the quality of human life and a positive return for the Earth.  For other businesses in the group, it is evident that our drive to do good through good business can take more shape, gain greater meaning and have wider impact by absorbing this approach, then reporting on it.

In that context, I am delighted to announce that Howard Jones has accepted the additional role of Head of Sustainability & Community for the Bangarra Group.

Howard’s key focuses will include evolving St Mellion Estate as a sustainable social business, demonstrating then reporting upon Sustainability and Community impacts both at St Mellion and across Bangarra Group, putting the practical lessons from this into a wider model for proper integration of sustainability measures in fund management.

Howard commented:

This role comes at the perfect stage in my career and with timing that could not be improved upon.  Much of my life I have been working towards the aims and values that are represented by Bangarra Group.  This is the point at which I can translate all of my experience and knowledge, at scale, and in a practical way, within an organisation that is already performing very well, but that wants to share the approach with others, to make real change.  I am absolutely delighted with the opportunity.