April 16, 2021

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) has joined Norwegian Airlines’ loyalty program

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), founded by Norwegian entrepreneur Bjørn Kjos, has joined the Norwegian Airlines’ loyalty program also known as Norwegian Rewards.

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), started as a spin-off from Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) – a company with a strong track record of bringing disruptive business models to the global market, now makes it possible for anyone to trade cryptocurrency, earn CashPoints and exchange them for NAS services – flight tickets, seat bookings, changes to booking, etc.

Over the past few months, global interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has reached a fever pitch. With this trend showing no signs of slowing down, there has never been a better time to introduce new ways for everyone to get involved in cryptocurrencies.

Enter Norwegian Block Exchange and CashPoints

Get onboarded on Norway’s pioneering cryptocurrency exchange and earn CashPoints every time you make a trade: buy or sell cryptocurrency to get you in the air faster with 10-20% CashPoints earned on the trading fees paid.

“The increased interest in cryptocurrencies over the past years is now attracting traditional businesses to this new market.”, says Stig Aleksander Kjos-Mathisen, Managing Director of NBX. “Most cryptocurrency exchanges offer their customers standard loyalty schemes, but we decided to go the other way and provide an existing cash back option that is widely used in the real world. Getting a plane ticket as a result of simply buying or trading, for example, Bitcoin is an attractive offer for many.”

Bjørn Kjos adds, “Being able to offer the NBX’s customers access and benefits given by the award winning loyalty program is a true joy. On the other hand, we are also giving 10 million Reward customers the possibility to earn CashPoints while accessing the future of finance. It is a win-win for all parties.

Making your first trade on NBX is easy:
Create an account for yourself.
– Verify your identity to be able to perform actions on the platform.
– Register your Norwegian Reward Number directly in your NBX account.
– Deposit cryptocurrency or fiat money.
– Buy or sell cryptocurrency of your choice.
– Earn 20% CashPoints on trading fees paid during the August and September of 2020.

For more information on Norwegian Block Exchange, please go to: https://nbx.com