COVID-19 Destroying Masks Available In The UK

Innovative tech start-up, Wise Protec has developed a range of anti-viral face masks made from a specially formulated antimicrobial fabric which the company promise will kill 99.5% of the virus causing COVID-19 on contact.

The Anti-Viral Wise Mask range has not only been developed to safeguard against airborne pathogens, but they also combat some of the user side effects of wearing a mask, such as lack of breathability, discomfort and skin irritation.

Made in Portugal, the EU-made Wise Protec Anti-Viral Wise Mask range is available in a series of problem-solving variants:

  • The Original Anti-Viral Wise Mask: with moisture control and high particle retention
  • Breathe Better: a eucalyptus scented version with camphor to promote airway relief
  • Skin Care: a skin moisturising version containing Vitamin E and Ubiquinol Q10, with a green tea scent
  • Stress
The Original Anti-Viral Wise Mask and the Breathe Better, Skin Care and Stress Relief variants retail at £25 each
The Original Anti-Viral Wise Mask and the Breathe Better, Skin Care and Stress Relief variants retail at £25 each

Unlike other surgical or fabric face masks, the Wise Protec Anti-Viral mask collection actively combats the SARS-Cov-2 virus known to cause COVID-19, with a proprietary filter that has a particle retention rate of over 90% and prevents the formation of odours inside and outside the mask.

The Wise Protec Anti-Viral Wise Masks are designed with multi-functional fabric layers which retain their antiviral properties for up to one year (based on a weekly wash) and are engineered to self-clean in less than 24 hours, while being breathable, water repellent and moisture wicking. The proprietary non-toxic chemical fixing process creates a strong bond between the antimicrobial agents and the surface of the fabric, remaining 99.9% effective even after 50+ washes and passing UK testing.

The masks are 100% vegan and consist of three layers with different properties that combine to offer protection, safety and comfort. They are engineered to self-clean, so there is no need to wash it every day.

Jorge Machado, Co-Founder at Wise Protec, commented: “Face masks have become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, helping us keep ourselves, our loved ones and the wider community safe from COVID-19. However, masks made of standard fabrics are only effective to a certain point and when worn correctly.

“With our proprietary antimicrobial technology, we knew we were in the position to build an even more effective, more comfortable face mask, which led us to create the Wise Protec Anti-Viral Wise Mask. We’re very proud to say that our mask is more than 99% antiviral effective against COVID-19, plus the over 95% filtration and its water-repellency properties make it virtually impossible to get infected when worn correctly, meaning it the safest face mask currently available on the market.”

The Anti-Viral Wise Mask range retails between £9 and £25, with a children’s range retailing at £12, and are available to order for UK delivery on and  at Primark stores. You can find out more about Wise Protec and the range of masks on the Wise Protec website.