August 5, 2021

Virtual events platform Totem launches to restore commercial and networking opportunities to pre-Covid standards

Event organisers no longer need to settle for unengaging and noninteractive virtual conferences and exhibitions, thanks to a new platform developed during lockdown.

Totem has been launched by the experts behind video editing platform Binumi Pro and events industry creative partner Amigo to allow users to host events of any size – from a roundtable of ten to a multi-track event for 10,000 people. And it promises the same slick production, sponsor opportunities and spontaneous networking found at real-life events.

Totem is geared up for interactivity, with features such as live polling, Q&As, exclusive downloads and live video content across multiple tracks. Interactive exhibition stands allow for one-to-one meetings supported by curated content.

The platform retains all of the opportunities for networking that exist in real life. Attendees can engage with each other via video calls, virtual meeting rooms and social networking, all within the confines of the event.

Totem also ensures that organisers have a flexible and scalable range of sponsorship opportunities of anything from meeting rooms and roundtables to exhibition stands and virtual delegate bags.

A number of major blue chip clients have already signed up to use the new platform.

Christopher Bo Shields, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Binumi Pro, said: “We host events every day, and when lockdown started, we realised the events industry was going to need to fundamentally rethink its product. We began developing Totem, which we can confidently say sets a new standard for virtual events.

“With Totem, you’ve not just got an existing solution retrofitted. This has the specific needs of event organisers in the new normal in mind. It’s got the same, or better, slick production standards and sponsor opportunities you’d get at in-person events – and we’re particularly proud to be able to resurrect the much-missed creative hustle and bustle and spontaneity of real-life networking.

“2020 was all about putting a sticking plaster on the problem – 2021 is all about looking for an events strategy that people can use long term, and Totem responds to that need. It’s goodbye to clunky Zoom seminars and makeshift teleconference roundtables, and hello to an entirely new experience.”

Totem events can be held entirely online, or in a hybrid format alongside a real-life event. It is a self-service solution, and is modular, meaning that elements can be switched on and off with ease.

Totem can be reshelled with customers’ own branding, enabling them to develop their own range of virtual events solutions.

Security is at Totem’s core, with the platform being ISO27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant.

Totem sits alongside video editing platform Binumi Pro in the tech stack, together providing a single solution for video production and the dissemination of video content at live and virtual events.