July 30, 2021

Marketing Troubleshooter video channel launches from Shropshire

A local marketing agency, Forbes Baxter Associates, has launched the Marketing Troubleshooter advice service for SMEs. “It’s the video equivalent of a magazine’s letters pages – but way better!” says service founder, Steve Baxter.

SMEs are drowned with marketing advice they can’t use: social media plans that need dedicated staff, tools that cost hundreds of pounds every month or techniques that need a PhD in computer science.

“During COVID, there’s been a glut of webinars showcasing technology that’s interesting but irrelevant”, says Baxter. “That type of advice doesn’t help SMEs.”
Marketing Troubleshooter takes challenges from the SME community and produces a video explaining how the company could solve its challenge.

“SMEs share many common problems: profile, budget, skills, etc. The challenges Marketing Troubleshooter publicises will be familiar to most. The solutions we propose will be practical for all.”

The solutions will be easily digestible and free. “We’re a new business facing the same challenges as our SME customers. We want to raise our profile and Marketing Troubleshooter is one way we’re doing that.”

Marketing Troubleshooter is also a reaction to the myopic obsession with websites and digital marketing. Digital is undeniably important. Marketing Troubleshooter is, after all, a digital publication. But digital is only part of successful marketing.

“If we want marketing to make us money, we’ve got to realise that websites and social media are just the tip of the iceberg“, says Baxter. “Marketing Troubleshooter’s mission is to reveal how the rest of marketing helps businesses.”

Marketing Troubleshooter is published through LinkedIn and Facebook channels. Searching for “marketing troubleshooter” on either platform will take you to the relevant pages.

Submissions can be made via the agency’s website (https://www.forbesbaxter.co.uk/marketing-troubleshooter/).