Tekla has its ecommerce future sewn up as it selects Brightpearl

Fast growing home textile producer Tekla has chosen Brightpearl to provide the operational structure it needs to power growth and aid the design and delivery of its high-quality products – from bedding, towels and blankets to sustainable textiles – to a growing army of fans across the UK and Europe.

With Brightpearl, the firm now has access to a scalable digital operations platform which meets the needs of its ecommerce and wholesale growth strategy and addresses key considerations around inventory, orders and warehouse management.

Founded in 2017, Tekla designs and delivers thoughtful products for the home that are shaped by serene architectural references to provide tranquility and comfort. From the brand’s studio based in Copenhagen, the team creates a beautiful range of products for sleep, bathing and living.

To support its ambitious growth plans, Tekla selected Brightpearl. With a world-beating suite of integrations to superior ecommerce, 3PL and EDI platforms, combined with advanced fulfilment features and access to real-time data, Brightpearl was a natural choice for the rapidly growing home textile brand.

Brightpearl provides digital operations solutions for the world’s biggest retail brands and has seen the number of online firms using the platform grow by 80% since spring 2020. The complete back-office solution includes financial management, inventory and sales order management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfillment, warehouse and logistics.

“We really believe that Brightpearl gives us a future-proof setup, to scale our omnichannel business”, said Kristoffer Juhl, Managing Director, Tekla. “Automation, scalability and flexibility are key beliefs in our tech-stack strategy. Brightpearl remains the master-engine in this setup, and we are off to a good start. We cannot wait to unlock the full potential.”

“Tekla is a rapidly expanding brand that now offers a wide range of thoughtful products for the home, across different channels”’, said SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, Justin Press. “As the organization’s digital presence grows across the UK and Europe, and the business scales, retail-focused operational software has become paramount to keeping up with demand and providing the solid foundation needed for further growth.

“With Brightpearl in place, Tekla can focus on its core mission to create and deliver outstanding fabrics to its growing customer base. We’re excited to see what products Tekla designs and launches next, and we’re delighted to be powering the brand to get them into the hands of supporters, even faster and more efficiently.”