April 20, 2021

COVID has changed a lot of things around the world, including recruitment. Recruitment has seen a lot of significant changes all around the world. The companies have to look for different options if they want to recruit the right employees.

Big and small companies worldwide have found new ways to find recruits for their companies. Everyone is in a very critical situation right now economically but also mentally. Many people have lost their jobs due to COVID, while some companies have also recruited employees.

The lockdown has affected everyone everywhere. When we talk about recruitment, companies have adopted new ways to recruit employees. Still, people don’t prefer to go to the companies for interviews due to the fear of infection.

The panic is still there, but a company needs employees, and there are people who need jobs. So to make everything work, there are various ways through which companies can recruit employees.

  1. Everything is online
  2. Companies can recruit afar
  3. Focus on internal candidates
  4. Using technology at its best

Everything Is Online

In this situation of COVID, everybody fears a little while going outside for anything. In this case, what you can do is handle everything online. It means you can put out an ad about the openings in your company.

You can mention there that the interviews will be taken online on video calls, or it can also be a telephonic interview. This way, the candidate will get convinced to apply for the job.

Companies Can Recruit Afar

The companies located in remote areas were facing problems with recruiting someone who lives far away or in any other city. But now, due to COVID, all the work is done online. These companies can recruit employees from distant areas too, which are not close.

So the company can also look for candidates who stay afar because all the company needs are some hardworking employees.

Focus On Internal Candidates

In a big company, many employees are working day and night to get promotions. In the situation of COVID, when recruitment is becoming difficult, the company can look for its own employees. The company can recruit employees from one department to the required department. It is called internal recruitment and requires focusing on expert human resources recruitment in order to build a sustainable internal recruitment model. It is beneficial to the company as the candidate is already familiar with the company and knows its important rules.

Using Technology at Its Best

In this era of technology, you can almost run a company with just a mobile phone. There are many tools available for recruitment like the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). If you apply to a big company, then there are high chances that your resume may be filtered in ATS.

ATS is a system in which the resumes of the candidates are stored. Many companies use this system to filter the resumes that they are receiving. If you are a reputed company, you will obviously receive resumes from thousands of candidates.

Now what this system does is filter the candidates according to your requirements and list the suitable ones. This way, time is also saved.


In these times of COVID, when we have to support each other, the companies can opt for any options to reach out to the candidates. It will be better for the company as well as the candidate.