Alpamint Capital announces 5,000 new affordable homes pledge

Alpamint Capital, a London-based private investment, development and consulting company, has pledged to build 5,000 affordable homes in the capital over the next decade.

The company has specifically earmarked airspace development, whereby unused space on rooftops of existing buildings is converted into new properties, as a key technique in realising its ambitions. It is now looking to partner both with London councils and management associations to move forward with its plans.

Airspace homes can be manufactured almost entirely offsite to a high specification and constructed on rooftops in a matter of days.

The group now has an asset book in excess of £30m. It has developed a total of over 100,000 sq ft of residential space, together with investors including real estate specialists, Cubhill Ltd.

Alpamint has recently collaborated with investors and housing bodies on several schemes in London and the South East. This includes the multi-million pound development of Clandon House, a 101-room site in Finchley, which is now set for residential use.

Joseph Zekaria, managing director of Alpamint Capital, said: “We’ve made substantial progress during the past decade and are determined to bring about further development. Building 5,000 new homes is an ambitious plan, and one we are intent on meeting through our strategic asset development and investment.

“We have enjoyed particular success through our airspace development model, which is an innovative solution to housebuilding and crucially doesn’t encroach on protected land. We’d encourage parties interested in partnering with us to get in touch as we have every confidence this approach can help accelerate London’s homebuilding goals.”