August 5, 2021

CyberGuard Technologies appoints Tom Godfrey to boost public sector client base

CyberGuard Technologies, the cybersecurity division of IT services provider OGL Computer, has appointed Tom Godfrey as Public Sector Sales Consultant, following the recent addition of a Midlands-based NHS Trust to its public sector client base.

Reporting directly to CyberGuard Technologies’ Security Operations Centre (SOC) Manager, Sean Tickle, Tom’s appointment comes as part of the launch of a dedicated healthcare team, providing the NHS Trust and other public sector clients with specialist consultants.

Following a competitive tender, CyberGuard Technologies is now providing a range of cybersecurity services to the Midlands health trust. Initially, a critical Incident Response service was set up, so that CyberGuard’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) can investigate, react to and fix any real-time security threats, to ensure it can continue operations at full capacity.

“The healthcare sector is struggling with ageing infrastructures and an over-whelming volume of threat alerts which is putting a lot of internal teams under immense pressure,” Tom Godfrey explained. “The need to also achieve compliance with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) by end of March is applying yet more pressure in an already stretched organisation. We work closely with internal teams at the Trusts we support and make sure that they have the protection they need in place as well as design solutions that utilise their existing security products to maximise the investment they have already made. We then provide that extra layer of protection through our 24/7 UK SOC Team whereby our cyber analysts monitor their networks to quickly identify, isolate and eradicate any threats made against them.”

Using its proactive Managed Detect and Respond services to prevent the new NHS Trust client from becoming a victim of cyber-crime, CyberGuard has implemented a SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solution whereby all outputs from the various security products that the Trust had in place are centralised and any alerts are now sent from a single source. This provides a clearer picture of potential threats and removes any duplication.

A spokesperson from the NHS Trust client in the Midlands commented: “As a Trust, we have been very impressed with CyberGuard’s knowledge, response and proactivity. Whilst this has only been in place for a short period of time, we have full confidence that our security has been strengthened and will continue to be on the forefront.”

The healthcare team at CyberGuard’s SOC is improving efficiency within the NHS Trust and boosting its limited internal resources. Sean Tickle, SOC Manager at CyberGuard Technologies, said: “Our robust security approach provides the NHS Trust with an additional centralised security-operational layer that works seamlessly across any ageing infrastructure. This allows us to mitigate any potential impact to the health authority and, as a result, the wider community. By improving the communication between all existing security products, all security alerts are pulled into one single portal for our SOC team to identify which threats could be genuine.”

CyberGuard Technologies is looking to provide a number of specific cyber security services to other healthcare providers from its Kidderminster base, including:
• Incident response
• Vulnerability assessments
• Managed SIEM (Security information and event management)
• Threat detection
• Cyber protection improvement consultancy

CyberGuard Technologies is CREST-certified and its position on the Cyber Security Services 3 and G-Cloud12 (both frameworks under Crown Commercial Service), as well as Edge4Health now enables the firm to extend its reach among the public sector including local authorities and education providers.