Music guru Josh Rabinowitz joins UK adtech start up Melos Publishing to drive US growth

Independent technology company Melos Publishing Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Josh Rabinowitz who is joining the company as a Consultant in the US with immediate effect.

As a Consultant, Rabinowitz will help introduce Melos more broadly into the music community and raise awareness around the complexities in royalty collections. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the music industry, having produced, supervised and negotiated over 10,000 tracks for Branded Content, Television, Film, Social Media, and Major and Indie Recording Labels — reaching billions of consumers and fans, including over 50 tracks for Super Bowl ads.

As a performer, bandleader, trombonist and recorder virtuoso, he has performed over 2,000 shows with his band The Second Step. From 2007-2017 he also curated/produced the Grey Music Seminar at The Cannes Lions Festival, the world’s highest-profile creative leadership summit. From 2008-18, he curated the Grey Sync Session at MIDEM, initiating music discovery for global brands such as Pantene, CoverGirl, GSK, Darden & T.K Maxx, unearthing emerging artists whose music was used in adverts in over 80 counties and heard by millions. Last year, Rabinowitz launched his own consultancy firm, Brooklyn Music Experience, where he puts his years of experience to good service for his clients and now to advisory boards such as Melos’.

Josh Rabinowitz commented: “I once was a frustrated creator that saw zero to no royalties being collected to my favour and as a result I slowly started to become obsessed with music royalties. Melos offers the opportunity to empower creators, helping a lot of the people in the music industry that deserve their work to be recognised and rightfully compensated. Having developed my career in music and observing the industry for many years now, it is with great excitement that I join Melos to offer an external view of the industry and to help spread the word of mouth of the benefits of having technologies such as Melos’ platform collect royalties all around the world.”

Through its proprietary tracking and reporting platform, MusicTracker™, Melos administers on behalf of its clients the music used in their TV campaigns globally. Melos ensures that their music rights are registered accurately in each relevant international territory , as part of a global partnership with Sony/ATV, and tracks its usage in real-time with audio recognition technology. This enables Melos to maximise royalty payments through the management and expert application of data and music rights in each individual market. The company has also built a unique database of TV commercials that have been broadcast in the US and the UK over the past three years.

As a result of its combined global data and technology solution, Melos is now regularly delivering 20x greater royalty collections then previously received by its clients.

Richard Cottrell, CEO of Melos Publishing, said: “There is currently a major opportunity for Brands to recoup a significant percentage of their media spend by accessing a stream of royalties generated by the music in commercials. Our Music Tracker platform, in partnership with the world’s leading music publisher, provides Brands with a simple, single service that couples global coverage with local influence. Josh’s vision fully aligns with our efforts to generate awareness around the major opportunity available for Brands and composers to help recoup a significant percentage of missing royalties generated by the music in commercials. Josh has the experience from the composer side and understands better than many the agency logistics. We are honoured to have him on board and look forward to working with him.”