Brand partnership with Trees For Cities to give back to the planet

Sustainable clothing brand Absolutely Bear has partnered with a charity that is working to make lives better by planting trees!

When you choose to wear sustainable clothing, you are not only opting for organic and sustainable fashion but also contributing to our investment in the planet. At Absolutely Bear we feel it’s not only our responsibility to have as low an impact as possible, but also to give back to the earth by cultivating change.

What is Trees for Cities?

Trees for Cities is the only UK based charity that is working to make lives better by planting trees. They plant trees in urban areas where the social and environmental benefits have the greatest impact, engage with the community, and centre the local people at the heart of every project. They have managed to plant over a million trees since they were founded in 1993. Climate change has had such a negative impact on our trees and the effects are already being felt: warmer, dryer summers and colder, wetter winters, and so Trees for Cities is working to build resilience against the threats facing our natural environment.

Their work includes:

Planting urban trees: Trees bring so many benefits to city life, including our health and wellbeing. Helping to encourage nature in our cities helps us feel less stressed and well-restored which is why the charity is dedicated to planting thousands of trees every year. Did you know that London’s trees remove 2.4 million tonnes of air pollution each year?

Educating the next generation: Trees for Cities aims to educate children about where their food comes from, which they have achieved by building edible playgrounds to help improve attitudes towards healthy eating and provide schools with fresh nutritious food. Their ‘Planting Healthy Air’ programme helps address the issue of London’s poor air quality and gives children an everyday connection with trees and woods.

Working Internationally: Trees For Cities send seeds and help grow trees all over the world that will flourish for generations, planting an impressive 7,800 trees in Africa last year alone. Working with community groups, they aim to provide long-term practical solutions and provide local people with the skills to create sustainable livelihoods.

Why Absolutely bear has decided to partner with them

Absolutely Bear are a brand committed to helping reconnect urbanites with nature and with trees being one of the core elements of nature, this partnership is a perfect fit. There are many incredible psychological benefits of being close to trees. They have a very important role in decreasing our stress and anxiety and in the city, they improve the appearance of built-up areas and add character to our landscapes.

At every stage of production, Absolutely Bear aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, from our ‘leave no trace’ packaging to our plastic-free swing-tags. We believe designing clothing based on sustainability is one important way we can reconnect every day with the natural world we love.