80% of British people likely to continue wearing masks after the pandemic

Mask Bros, a leading UK-based PPE supply-chain solutions provider, is pleased to announce crucial results from a survey of 32,000 of its customers, indicating a step-change in preventative healthcare behaviour across the British public.

In February 2021, Mask Bros initiated a survey of its consumer-customers, to assess their satisfaction with Mask Bros’ products, including EcoBreathe, a unique recyclable medical mask. The survey returned strong positive feedback on the company’s products and also included a question on the respondents’ likelihood “to continue to wear a mask after the pandemic is over”. Of the 2,000 respondents to this question, 78.5% (33.09% very likely, 26.67% likely, 18.74% somewhat likely) responded that it was likely that they would.

Frederik Filz, co-founder of Mask Bros and software engineering student at Oxford University, said: “We are delighted to share this fascinating result of our survey, which indicates that the UK public’s attitude toward preventative healthcare has changed significantly due to the pandemic. Clearly, the cultural taboo of mask wearing has been permanently broken and we believe that these results show that the general public wish to bank this cultural change to improve protection against air pollution, the flu and other airborne diseases.

“Most importantly, such behavioural change should help prevent future pandemics from taking hold. By making face masks a part of our daily lives, we can prevent future crises similar to Covid-19 and save lives.”

When the pandemic hit Europe in 2020, Frederik Filz and his co-founder, Cogan Wade, established Mask Bros to provide much needed PPE to British consumers who were being charged excessive prices by high street stores. Their campaigns have received national attention on stopping price gouging by high street stores, helping the vulnerable during lockdown and raising awareness of the environmental impact of PPE.

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