July 28, 2021

Sign In App introduces smart and flexible desk and meeting room booking with launch of Spaces

Innovative and streamlined technology enables employers and employees alike to embrace hybrid working in a safe and secure way

16.03.21 – Sign In App, developer of the UK’s leading visitor management app, is pleased to launch Spaces, the latest addition to Sign In App’s suite of solutions. As the national lockdown eases, Spaces enables organisations to embrace a hybrid working model with confidence, providing them with a simple tool to manage how their office space is being used. This innovative app not only supports employers to provide an optimum duty of care, but also encourages employees to split their time collaboratively between the office and home environment.

In anticipation of the great return to the physical working environment, Sign In App recognised that employees want to feel confident and reassured that their workplace adheres to government guidelines regarding office safety and social distancing. The launch of Spaces provides a smart and flexible way to manage reduced site capacity, with the ability to set and monitor how the office space is being used and see who is expected on site that day.

Dan Harding, CEO, Sign In App, explains: “We are passionate about hybrid working and want to ensure that businesses embrace this new reset with open arms. We believe that reimagining the physical workplace is a huge stepping stone towards implementing a successful hybrid workforce and careful execution must be considered. By reimagining what the office looks like and using the temporary closure to freshen up the environment, this will attract employees when the time is right. And, with reduced staff capacity, Spaces allows organisations to easily monitor which staff members are present on site and how effectively the office space is being used, once permitted.”

The future of work has turned a new direction, combining virtual and remote setups, with physical and local interactions. A survey has revealed mixed emotions about returning to the physical workplace, with essential workers more comfortable with safety measures than those who’ve been working remotely. The digital transformation of hybrid working means that employers are under more pressure than ever to protect the health and safety of their employees.

By simply uploading the floor plan of the office into Spaces, the desk and meeting room configuration of the office can be constructed within the portal. This enables employees to book their chosen desk in advance and select how long for, as well as identifying the right desk for them based on several predefined specifications (such as a monitor, or audio availability) and even their desired parking bay.

With a straightforward user experience, Spaces has been designed to support businesses in meeting social distancing requirements. This allows organisations to disable desks or seats that are within the two metre rule so that employees can feel comfortable that their employer is working towards the guidelines set. Within Spaces, organisations can set maximum occupancy for sites, floors and meeting facilities so that hybrid workers do not exceed the desired volume and this tool reaffirms to employees that their organisation is prioritising its duty of care towards each individual.

Dan continues: “This new addition allows organisations to maintain social distancing and ensures that all employees can search and book spaces at ease within Sign In App’s existing Companion App. Senior leadership can quickly, at an overview level, see the current status of the capacity and which employees are becoming frequent visitors. This will then allow management to reach out to those who have been distant from the office and reassure them that their organisation is taking a proactive approach to managing their safety and wellbeing, thus encouraging them to return when they feel comfortable.”

Spaces can be enabled through the Sign In App online portal. For more information visit www.signinapp.com/spaces.