May 10, 2021

Software Testing and QA Blog

Stagnancy is the worst thing, especially for a software development team. You should continuously strive for learning new things and growing in this new era. The best way to keep on top of trends, important content and theories is by learning from the top though leaders. That’s why today we’re going to discuss a few of the famous software testing and QA (quality assurance) blogs. 

The Internet has allowed top thought leaders to share their invaluable knowledge with the rest of the interested community. The knowledge that they share is most of the time a product of their years of experience and experimentation. We have compiled a list of QA influencers that we think will be really useful for people from similar profession. 

Dan Ashby’s Blog

You will really have to pay attention to what looks like word vomit but is really indispensable information about software testing in order to understand it. That’s just how the mind of Dan Ashby works. Dan is among the top leaders in the QA industry. He regularly produces helpful content that is gold for many. Some of the talks that Dan has had are titled as, “Thinking about quality”, “Agile testing” and “Building relationships for successful agile and DevOps team”.  

Science Soft 

Nothing can beat Science Soft when it comes to providing real and precise information. Science Soft is actually a company that provides software development services and IT consultation. They have 31 years of experience in this field, which is exactly why we recommend them. They have hands on experience of what you may want to know. 

Their QA and software testing articles are clear and to the point. They view QA and software testing from the manager’s perspective. They regularly upload quality assurance articles on different testing types. Some of their blogs are titled as, “A winning strategy for software product testing”, “software performance testing: process, stages and best practices”, and “Software testing basics: types of bugs and what you should know about them”. 

Software Testing Help

This blog has grown exponentially in such little time. It is frequently updated. Now more thousands of knowledge hungry QA professionals visit their blog and seek their advice. The owner, Vijay Shinde, regularly shares tutorials of software testing and QA blogs. Anyone can benefit from the free knowledge that he shares. 

Quality Remarks

This blog is run by a person named, Keith Klain. He has 20 year experience in the quality assurance, financial services and consultation firms. He regularly shares his knowledge with the world about quality QA and software testing. Keith claims that he likes to solve organizational problems by software testing. 

Final Words

Software testing and QA blogs are like treasures of knowledge but if you know which one is reliable and real. The internet is a black hole of knowledge most of which is not backed by sources and can’t be trusted. In this article we have shared the top and revered QA and software testing blogs that many can learn from.