How a lost sock inspired branding and ambition for a new business

Inspiration for creating a new branding can be found in the strangest places.  When best-selling author, CEO and founder of the web design company Sophisticated Cloud, Claudia Tinnirello, wanted to design her company branding she knew exactly what colours to choose.

Pink and black are the colours of Claudia’s home town football club ‘Palermo’, which is the capital of Sicily in the south of Italy. Legend says that many years ago, after a football match, one of the player’s mothers took it upon herself to wash the football kit for the entire team which was made of black shorts and black & white stripped tops. Accidentally she left a red sock in the washing machine, changing the entire team uniform to black and pink. Those became the new and official colours of Palermo Football team and the inspiration behind the colours for Sophisticated Cloud’s logo.

The meanings behind these colours also chimed with Claudia’s aspiration for her business, as she explains “my dream is to open an office in New York City in the near future, and the colour black is a cosmopolitan colour that is related to power and  strength”.  Pink has always been a favourite colour with Claudia since she was a little girl, representing love, kindness and femininity; bringing a soft and approachable touch to the brand.

The Sophisticated Cloud brand inspires success, strength and stability, whilst at the same time being approachable and friendly.

Sophisticated Cloud is on a mission to help a million people to be heard and seen by having a robust online presence. Claudia says “technology can come across a bit scary to most of my clients”.  Sophisticated Cloud will give them the reassurance that everything will be taken care of and explained in a simple and easy way that even a child will understand. The same simplicity needs to be reflected on all the websites we build, one of  Claudia’s sayings is “If your seven-year-old child or grandmother can navigate your website, then your website is already a success!”.

In just over a year since Sophisticated Cloud launched, they have now opened their first base outside of the UK with new clients already lined up in Manhattan, New York.  Demonstrating that inspiration and ambition can be found in the strangest of places.

If you’d like to have a new website designed around colours that inspire you or to discuss what colours would be suitable for your business, you can find out more by visiting