Decontamination Cleaning – Why It Is Important To Decontaminate Your Premises

Whether your work premises has recently suffered a COVID-19 outbreak or you simply want to be as safe as possible for both your staff and customers; a thorough COVID-19 decontamination is essential. COVID-19 took everyone by surprise, business owners and employees alike. After 14 months, it’s perfectly clear this virus isn’t something to take lightly and with new variants appearing all too frequently, it’s in our own best interests that we ensure we’re staying as clean and safe as possible.

By utilising a professional decontamination service, businesses can ensure they’re not only staying on the right side of the law but they’re saving themselves time and money while at the same time, creating a safer work environment for all. 

If you’re still questioning the importance of decontamination within your business premises, the below list of benefits may help confirm in your mind once and for all, why this service is a must for everyone.

Specialist Professional Decontamination

While you may have general day to day cleaning taking place, this level of cleaning may not clean to a high enough standard to not only rid your premises of COVID-19 but prevent it from spreading once more. A professional COVID decontamination service such as fogging sanitisation, will ensure your staff (and yourself) are out of harm’s way thanks to the specialist chemicals used that won’t just kill bacteria and viruses but will provide a hostile environment for a period of time after – thus making it effective for well after the spraying has actually taken place.

Show Staff & Customers You’re Taking Things Seriously

By doing everything you can to keep your staff and customers safe, you aren’t just ensuring your business sees itself through a pandemic, but you’re also showing everyone that you’re taking things seriously and as such, they can put their trust in you as a business. It’s also worth noting that in order to ensure your business thrives, makes profit and generally stays afloat in what can be rather testing times, you need to maximise productivity and nothing does that better than protecting your staff. 

Save Time & Money

While initially decontamination will mean you incurring cost, it will undoubtedly save you money in the long run as it’s a preventative measure against fines from the local authority as well as heightened staff sickness during this very vulnerable time. Without the necessary decontamination, you could even find your business closing its doors again, something many wouldn’t be able to recover from.

Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

By carrying out regular decontamination alongside your current deep cleans, you can ensure you stay on the right side of the law by ensuring your premises is COVID secure for staff and visitors. With a professional company providing these services, you’ll also be provided with the right documentation which not only shows you’re having the necessary cleaning services take place but will ensure your insurance is valid should anything happen.

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