Assisting in the Fight Against Covid-19 through Healthcare Technology (HealthTECH)

Local HealthTECH solutions provider, Alias Innovation Sdn Bhd, part of the EI Content Group, has launched its Electronic Medical Reporting solution or ‘EMR’ to cater to both public and private Clinics and Hospitals, offering a much needed technology system that can help in the monitoring and management of Covid -19 Vaccines, Covid -19 Testing as well as regular Patient Care and Prescription of medication and medical procedures.

Provided as a Stand Alone solution or as part of its Clinic and Hospital Information System, the company’s solution, called, ‘Medikal’ is positioned to assist the Nation in the fight against the Pandemic.

Medikal EMR, is available both as a lite based Cloud version and a heavier Enterprise version, and is poised to Digitally Transform the country’s Healthcare eco-system with an easy to use but Globally compliant software solution, developed by an award winning Malaysian company.

Doctors and Medical practitioners across the country can capitalise on Medikal EMR to help create Lifetime Health Records for patients in a digital and secure manner. The system is also compatible to be used with existing Government solutions and Alias Innovation is opening up its ‘API’ or application protocol interface to Government agencies to ensure integration is smooth and seamless.

According to Ministry of Health data, more than 80% of Government Hospitals do not have a Hospital Information System while more than 90% of Government Clinics do not have a Clinic Information system.

In the face of the ongoing Pandemic, an effective and a holistic digital healthcare solution is very much required, to keep track of patients, tests, procedures, diagnosis, medication among other analysis which is pertinent in optimal healthcare resource utilisation.

Alias Innovation is founded by Gerard Pillai, and recently was accorded a Special Mention Award in the Rising Star category under the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA). It was also a winner in the Healthcare Software category for the Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards. It is also in the running for a few International awards.

The company has carved a track record in implementing its Medikal solutions across the country from Clinics and Hospitals in the Northern state of Perak to East Malaysia. It has also deployed Telemedicine apps in Maldives during the initial Movement Control Order period in 2020.

Through its Medikal Lend A Hand (LAH) platform and initiative, Alias Innovation has also trained and reskilled youth to become part of the Healthcare Technology sector, employed these youth, creating employment opportunities and improving lives along the way.

The company is currently in discussions with Government agencies on its Medikal EMR and according to Gerard Pillai, Alias Innovation’s Chief Strategy Evangelist and CEO, ‘there are many opportunities in the roadmap of Digital Healthcare Transformation and together, we can fight the pandemic with an effective Healthcare technology to compliment existing infra and systems’.