Denbighshire Businesses supported to safely welcome back customers

Covid Marshals are bringing back the confidence to shop safely and confidently indoors across the county.

The Council’s marshals are visiting Denbighshire towns to help provide businesses with support and guidance to ensure they are operating safely and following the legal guidelines as shoppers return as lockdown restrictions lift.

One such business that the Covid Marshals have supported Hayden Perham of Perham Prints on Rhyl High Street, with advice on safely welcoming his customers through the door once more.

The Rhyl business owner, who offers personal and professional printing services, explained that the Covid Marshals provided ‘peace of mind’ to himself and staff to move forward with helping customers enjoy face to face service in the shop.

He said: “It’s just getting that peace of mind that we are doing right in terms of where we place the signage, social distance wise and just general figuring out how to deal with this new virus.”

Hayden added that the support provided by the Marshals is 100 percent beneficial for indoor shopping confidence for those returning to the town after lockdown.

“Some customers are still wary and even if we have one person in people may still wait outside. We call them into the other side to wait as its safe over there. And luckily we have the marshal’s support to tell us that we can do that, so it’s safe to do so.

“Coming into the shop face to face, going back into the old routine now, they (customers) realise it’s a lot better than checking online.

He added: “I hope it shows with the marshals that people are here to support each other, it’s not a scary place to be in, it’s a safe place to shop it’s a safe place to be because there are people checking it all the time which is quite handy… its really good.”

Across the street, Carol Parr of FlowerTops explained the ‘friendly support’ of the marshals was welcomed by her and her husband Colin who also helps run the business.  FlowerTops began in 2009 and Carol, who is an Award Winning Florist, moved into the current premises during summer 2020 from their Wellington Rd shop.

Carol said: “The Covid Marshalls are frequent visitors and are very supportive and ask if we are ok or do we need any help. They are really impressed with what we have done to make our space safe and welcoming, so we must be doing something right.

“They are very visible, very friendly and I know that they have supported a lot of other businesses in town. It is so important that the locals and Visitors of Rhyl know that Rhyl takes safety seriously and has the welfare of the shoppers in hand to ensure all us businesses are following the Covid rules implemented by the Covid Marshalls”

Councillor Mark Young, Lead Member for Planning, Public Protection and Safer Communities, said: “We would like to thank all businesses for their hard work in these unprecedented times, in preparing to welcome shoppers back safely and with confidence by following the guidance and regulations.

“Our Covid Marshals have been visiting the towns to support businesses in welcoming back old friends and customers through their doors by providing advice and assistance on how to make premises safe for shopping.

“We do want to remind everyone that the virus has not gone away and it is just as important as ever to stay safe and stay to the rules whilst shopping indoors. It is still essential to continue to follow social distancing guidelines, use the hand sanitisers available in shops and wear a face mask unless you are exempt.”