Incomlend Provides USD2.5 million (CHF2.2 million) Invoice Financing Programme for India-based Apparel Manufacturer to Capture Revenue Opportunities

Quick Turnaround Factoring Facility to Safeguard the Manufacturer 

from Credit Risks Amid Pandemic-related Complications


United Kingdom – Global invoice financing marketplace Incomlend today announced a USD2.5 million (CHF2.2 million) invoice financing programme for a leading Indian apparel manufacturer. The initiative will bolster the manufacturer’s production and exportation capabilities, safeguarding its vital revenue streams with customers, including fashion retailers across Europe, the USA and the Asia Pacific.

Based in Singapore and with offices in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia, Incomlend connects small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with communities of investors, enabling them to buy and sell individual invoices online.

The working capital solution provided by Incomlend will enable the apparel manufacturer, which operates eight manufacturing plants, to safeguard its financial health and maintain manufacturing operations to capture new revenue opportunities. It will also allow the manufacturer to protect itself from credit risks and heightened volatility in the retail space, especially when many brick-and-mortar retail stores remain under threat due to the pandemic.

The move came when the manufacturer received a request from one of its key customers in Europe to lengthen the payment terms from 75 days to 120 days to ease cash flow against a challenging setting where the pandemic impacted several branches.


The apparel manufacturer will now be able to cash in an invoice as early as three days following the shipment of products. The retailer (importer) will have the option of paying for the shipment’s invoice value up to 120 days later.


Since it started operations in 2016, Incomlend has financed over USD500 million (CHF451 million) in trades across 50 countries worldwide. As companies continue to navigate the disrupted and volatile business environment, competitive and alternative working capital such as the Incomlend Invoice Financing Programme will play a crucial role in helping companies maintain their financial health and business continuity. The programme will also provide companies with the capital to capture new opportunities as economies recover.


According to research by Paris-based software company Sidetrade, more than 24% of invoices among European businesses remain unpaid ten or more days past their due date, representing an estimated CFH31 billion. Receiving cash for goods at an earlier time enables Incomlend users to maintain a healthy working capital to cover other aspects of their business, including the operational expenses.


Incomlend CEO and Co-founder Morgan Terigi commented:

“From supply chain disruptions to the ongoing closure of physical stores, the apparel industry continues to navigate the impact of COVID-19. Businesses in the sector face increased financial challenges, from limited cash flow to credit risks. With our extensive experience working with apparel manufacturers and fashion retailers, we understand the pain points that exporters and importers face in today’s pandemic climate. We offer our Invoice Financing Programme, a working capital solution to meet evolving business requirements and ultimately, a win-win situation for both exporter and importer.”

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