Employer branding & job advertising specialists join forces with Moneypenny to share insights on how to retain and attract talent

The need for a strong employee value proposition (EVP) that helps potential applicants understand what it is that a company stands for has never been more important.  That was one of several key messages shared at job advertising company JVP Group’s interactive HR Virtual Forum held recently. The forum focused on “The Road to EVP and Employer Branding Success” and shared a number of essential tips to help employers take steps to effectively market their own brand to potential candidates.

The event was hosted by JVP Group’s Managing Director Cath Harrison alongside EVP and employer branding specialist Neil Harrison, and shared insights about the “why”s and “how”s of successfully identifying and communicating an EVP and employer brand. The forum, which marked the launch of JVP Group’s new employer branding consultancy service, also featured special guest speaker Ceri Henfrey, Chief Operating Officer at Moneypenny.

The forum highlighted a number of key points that employers need to keep in mind when it comes to recruitment. Potential employees want to understand what a company stands for. And with the tumultuous time that has unfolded during the pandemic, companies must evaluate their EVP to ensure it truly represents them and will attract the right talent in today’s climate. Candidates want to understand a company’s values and overall purpose, as well as how they could potentially play their part within that framework. But, as Neil stressed during the event, those values must authentically represent day to day life within the company.

One excellent example of a business that has genuinely brought its values to life is Moneypenny. The north Wales headquartered company is a 24/7 provider of support for outsourced calls, live chat and digital communications for thousands of companies globally. With much of the company’s culture interwoven around a physical office presence, the lockdown did pose challenges. But COO Ceri Henfrey explained the benefits they quickly realised thanks to factors such as the pre-pandemic early adoption of Workplace by Facebook to support employee communication. Staying true to the ethos of the company in terms of the importance of employee happiness and wellbeing, coupled with the belief in keeping things straightforward and supportive has enabled Moneypenny to continue to enjoy a very strong internal and external employer brand even when many of the activities they had previously done were put on hold.

Ceri also highlighted the strong sense of shared values and purpose within Moneypenny, and the power they have had in helping everyone navigate their way effectively through the pandemic. She comments, “Creating a strong culture and safe and nurturing environment has always been a number one priority at Moneypenny and it is something we value extremely highly. We believe that happy and empowered employees equate to happy clients. If you trust and treat your people fairly, they will become your most vocal brand ambassadors.

“For example, when the pandemic hit we already had a whole library of wellbeing, health and communication tools at our disposal and we already used Workplace by Facebook. But we still had to adjust them to the situation, making them virtual but still connected. We set up a special counselling and advice line, mindfulness classes, home schooling tips, Calm Apps and much more. We sent out small things like cookies and vouchers to teams to share a virtual treat lunch, and turkeys, hams and nut roasts for all employees for Christmas. And we made sure we provided very regular updates and live videos from the management team, sharing our business plans but also our own take on things as well – proving that we were human too. ”

JVP Group’s Founder and MD Cath Harrison adds, “Moneypenny has been recognised for over a decade as one of the best companies to work for in the UK. So we were delighted when they agreed to join us to talk about their approach to employer branding.

“Ceri’s talk really highlighted the fact that employees and potential employees alike value being part of an authentic company that genuinely cares about its employees. Candidates are drawn to employers who are able to articulate what they stand for and how their roles can fulfil the need that we all have for a sense of purpose and engagement.

“That’s why we’re keen to help employers bring their point of employment differentiation to life. It’s even more vital than ever that they are doing so effectively in this new landscape, and reassessing and responding to the changing needs that potential employees now have.  But it can feel like a huge undertaking – and that’s why we’re offering our new Employer Branding Consultancy service. We will analyse, define and help to articulate the specific experience employers provide, while guiding them on initiatives designed to enhance employee engagement, retention and talent attraction. We’re perfectly placed to do so, with a service that’s underpinned by over 30 years’ experience of helping employers identify and communicate their EVP and employer brand.

“And it’s a wise investment – a Gartner study revealed that employers who deliver on their EVP can improve employee retention by as much as 69%. And LinkedIn report that 83% of employers believe their EVP has a considerable influence on their ability to attract and hire the best talent out there.”

JVP Group has built up a strong reputation for providing employers with cost-effective support to attract their own talent through employer branded job advertising, technology, and support solutions. To find out more about how the company helps employers identify and communicate their EVP and employer brand to improve both employee retention and talent attraction, please visit their Employer Branding Consultancy webpage.