Lend A Hand (LAH) Social Initiative

Gerard Pillai, 49, is the founder and CEO of the EI Content Group, a group of companies focused on the areas of Healthcare Technology (HealthTECH), Health Commerce and Digital Transformational Strategies.

With multiple awards under his belt and project implementations from the Northern State of Perak to East Malaysia including a regional and International client portfolio, Gerard has also created the Lend A Hand or ‘LAH’ social initiative that has seen the group identifying, reskilling, training, coaching and employing or placing young individuals from multi – ethnic backgrounds, providing them with better paying jobs, equipping them with new cutting edge skills and overall, improving their standard of living.

With more than 30 youth having gone through the LAH initiative, Gerard aims to target at least 100 more during the 2021-2022 period.

He believes in Lending A Hand and has also extended the LAH platform to his other services and domains including Healthcare and E-Commerce.

For more information visit: www.alias-innovation.com