Say goodbye to having to constantly replace and work out where to source those essential household parts from

A shortage of supplies has recently hit the construction industry and everyone of us reading this article are just one breakdown away from a hefty plumbing bill.

A North-West based online marketplace called Gasqet is trying to solve these problems by providing a platform for consumers and businesses to order durable washers, seals and gaskets in minutes and dispatched within 24 hours.

Ethar Alali, CEO and Managing Director of Axelisys Limited said: “During their lifetime, millions of households will face at least one of the problems caused by washers that break or waste away. Next thing they know, they are hit with an expensive plumbing bill and emergency call out charge. What Gasqet aims to do is deliver a convenient service that allows anyone to source durable essential parts when they need them, safe in the knowledge that they will not need to replace them regularly.

Its artificially intelligence driven 3D printing fleet helps homeowners and construction teams identify the right plumbing washers by taking a picture of pipework.

Rigorous testing has found that the washers are significantly more durable and have greater longevity than traditional washers, as well as being fully recyclable.

Alali added: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do as a company, and we have also ensured that the products we sell and how we deliver them to consumers are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our products outstrip traditional washer pressure seals by 40% and offer an almost four times higher tensile strength improvement, and our local deliveries use electric fleets or cycle couriers. Gasqet washers last longer, even though they are made from eco-friendly materials each washer lasts more than 10 years. Moreover, we are signatories to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have published a charter which lets you know what we have committed to.

“We recognise people lead busy lives with competing demands on their time, so our online marketplace sources the best and strongest parts, closest to you which ensure you never need to go on a quest to find a washer ever again.

“With many washers designed to last as long as the house does, it is much better to pay pennies now then spend thousands of pounds later.”

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