Navigate Commercial Finance launches to support UK SMEs

Birmingham-based Navigate Commercial Finance has been launched by experienced finance specialist Paul Varley to help UK SMEs to raise working capital to finance growth and working capital needs.

Navigte Commercial Finance acts as an outsourced commercial finance team to help businesses navigate the various funding options available and will work directly with businesses as well as a range of professionals including accountants to support their clients when seeking financial backing. The team led by Paul Varley will draw on over 40 years of experience in lending to provide access to tailored solutions including invoice finance, asset based lending and cashflow loans.

Varley previously worked as Sales Director at Liquidity Club and prior to this at Positive Cashflow Finance and Santander. He has over 19 years’ experience in the finance industry with specialist expertise in asset based lending and invoice finance.

Paul Varley, Managing Director Navigate Commercial Finance explains: “I have launched Navigate Commercial Finance to help SMEs raise finance that is best suited to their business needs and am delighted to work with an established network of specialist lenders. The pandemic has put strain on many businesses and for many it is hard to know what funding to choose and how to ask for help in approaching lenders. The last 12 months has affected the business landscape considerably and although there are pockets of confidence across many industries the level of debt created  by the pandemic has led to balance sheets swelling.  Now it is even more important than ever to speak to professional advisors who can help your business to survive and thrive, becoming more resilient to future challenges.  Our role is to make the experience of seeking finance easier for both the business and the funder.  Drawing on our experience and established professional network we can deliver well informed options that are communicated clearly and directly. This relationship approach forms part of our core values and commitment to helping businesses tap into the best solution.”