Why Online Golf Coaching is growing in popularity – and why it works better than you think!

Online golf coaching has grown massively in popularity since lockdown, with golfers keen to return to the course with an improved golf swing – but can your performance in what is clearly a physical sport really be improved and taught online?

It turns out it can – and fans of Google clearly know this, with 720 people a month searching for ‘Golf Coaching’ on Google, and 100 searching ‘improve your golf swing’.  Golf is a competitive sport and the tiniest tips from the pros can make a massive difference.  From videos to masterclasses and one on one coaching, learning golf online is not only effective, but online golf expertise is highly sought after.

We spoke to AA class Level 3 PGA Professional and international golfing coach, Natalie Adams, who owns popular online golf coaching site Smash Factor.  Natalie explains:

“I have played and coached golf for more than 20 years.  Playing golf well is about technique – and getting your swing right is really important.  Being TPI certified, I look at how the body moves and functions before recommending improvements, and I can assess this online as well as in person.

“By taking time to screen each client’s individual body movements and relate this to how it impacts their golf swing, I can identify and talk them through the movements and postural changes they need to make to improve.  We can’t all be the next John Rahm, but we can all use biomechanical knowledge to improve our play and get better results.”

Natalie sees clients in person as well as delivering online golf lessons, with clients coming from North-West of England, the Midlands and North Wales – and sometimes even overseas.

However, Smash Factor also offers an entire suite of online golf videos and top tips for golfers keen to improve, which can be accessed anywhere in the world and are currently enjoyed by hundreds of golfers every month.  Natalie says:

“I’m fortunate to coach players from all over the world – I’ve even had clients catching a flight to the UK purely to have one on one coaching with me – however, in the pandemic, when they haven’t been able to travel, players have been surprised at how effective online golf coaching is.  The beauty of this is that geography is no longer a barrier to golf coaching – to improve your technique, you now only need internet access and a good golf coach.  Smash Factor allows anyone, anywhere to improve their swing and play better golf.”

While the online coaching works well, in-person coaching brings in another dynamic, thanks to the latest technology within the practice.  Natalie is uses advanced data based coaching technology, which gives detailed analysis on performance, movement and delivery, enabling Natalie to use an extensive amount of data to refine performance and take coaching to the next level.  While Natalie is delighted to be seeing so much success with the online coaching programme, she welcomes the fact that her sought-after 1:1 golf coaching can resume for many of her clients -although she expects the online success to continue.

 Natalie says:

“There is a real thirst for the golf videos and for our online golf coaching programme, and for me it’s enabling me to help more people play a sport I love.

“At Smash Factor, our goal is simply to help people play better golf and whether people visit us in person, take an online golf coaching programme or even just watch our videos, we’ve shown time and again that we are able to deliver real, measurable progress for both hobby players and sports professionals, helping them to be the best golfers they can be.

“The new trend for online coaching means I can follow my personal passion – to help more people achieve that.”

To learn more about Smash Factor, visit https://www.smashfactor.co.uk/