September 27, 2021

Revealed: where is the most expensive place to hire a gardener for your investment property

New research has revealed the most expensive and cheapest places in the UK to hire a gardener for your investment property.

With the pandemic causing a rise in demand from renters for gardens, Gazeboshop has researched the most expensive places in the UK to renovate a garden.

According to research carried out by Gazeboshop, which analysed prices on HaMuch, Brits are paying an average of £25 an hour to get their gardens fixed up, with experts predicting that the price of hiring a gardener will rise this year as the demand for garden landscaping and tools soars.

The data shows that homeowners in Sheffield are paying more than almost any other UK city to get their lawn mowed.

A breakdown of the 10 most expensive places to hire a gardener are:

  1. Sheffield
  2. Newport
  3. London
  4. Manchester
  5. Liverpool
  6. Portsmouth
  7. Southampton
  8. Nottingham
  9. Stoke-on-Trent
  10. Wrexham

The research also shows where the cheapest place for property owners to renovate their garden is, with Plymouth, Aberdeen, and Dundee coming in the top three:

  1. Plymouth
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Dundee
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Bangor
  6. Coventry
  7. Cardiff
  8. Swansea
  9. Glasgow
  10. Bradford

Commenting on the research, Sam Richards, Marketing Manager at Gazeboshop said:

“After spending a year in lockdown, people across the country are keen to begin socialising once again and inviting friends and family into their gardens. We have noticed a sharp rise in demand for garden gazebos, as Brits look to spruce up their gardens for the summer and make the most of their outdoor space.

“The data here shows garden owners in Sheffield and Newport can expect to pay above the norm to hire a gardener this year, with prices well above the average. With London weighting, we aren’t surprised to see gardeners in London are charging more than other cities in the UK for their services as many residents will expect to pay more for their garden services.

“There has been a significant increase in people appreciating and spending time in their gardens since lockdown began. People have begun to invest time into their homes and outdoor spaces, understanding the benefits it can bring to your wellbeing and happiness. We are expecting to see the demand for garden services continue to grow as we move into the summer”

Cass Heaphy, Digital Director at Paving Direct commented:

“With the pandemic causing Brits to spend more time than ever in their gardens, we have seen a surge in people looking to tidy up their lawn or in some cases, entirely redesign their back gardens. As the weather begins to pick up and restrictions continue to lift, we are expecting this trend to continue as the possibility for larger garden parties and gatherings becomes possible.

“With the data showing the price of hiring a gardener can reach as much as £73 per hour in some cities, homeowners may be looking to pick up some of their gardening tasks themselves this summer. With an opportunity to get creative and upcycle old items into quirky plant pots and features, those looking to spruce up their gardens could save money by turning their hand to their own gardening project.”