September 27, 2021

Is Your Business Suited to a Serviced Office? Here’s What You Should Consider

The serviced office can now be found in many different places around the globe, although it can be said that they are most often seen in key locations – bustling, thriving cities where there’s a lot of action and seemingly limitless potential for a great range of business opportunities. But if you have also been considering a serviced office and are trying to determine if it’s the right fit for your business, there are some major aspects to think about. Will having a serviced office be suitable for your business? Here’s what you should consider.

What type of business is suited to a serviced office?

About a decade ago, the serviced office was primarily used by small business enterprises and startups. But since the 90’s recession, more businesses saw the benefits of having a serviced office. So today, even more companies and organisations are turning to the serviced office solution, and your business could well be one of them. So what type of business is suited to a serviced office?

A global or multinational brand

Global or multinational brands and businesses are increasingly turning to serviced offices for their requirements. Serviced offices, such as office lease Manchester from Cariocca Enterprises, have proven to be immensely suitable to those looking to expand in different countries, and this gives them the best opportunity to get to know a new market base and location without spending too much of their financial resources. Many global brands have serviced offices around the world as the solution presents the least amount of risk. Some businesses also have multiple global branches, so the serviced office allows them to manage specific areas without having to make substantial investments in office space.

A large business enterprise

Today’s economic uncertainty has also made it a real challenge for established businesses and companies to predict their profit margins, and due to serviced offices’ flexible character, more large business enterprises are drawn to them. Additionally, since remote working has already become a standard for many larger enterprises, these businesses no longer require a permanent space. Thus, the serviced office can be the ideal solution since it can accommodate an evolving workforce and staff more efficiently than a traditional or standard office lease.

A startup enterprise

As already stated, startup enterprises were one of the first types of businesses to use serviced offices, and what was true in the past is still true today. Even more so, in fact. There’s no doubt about it – startup enterprises may not have as many financial resources to invest in office equipment, hefty rental deposits, and more, so a serviced office is a good choice. And since startups are still trying to establish themselves, they never really know where they will be from this month or even week to the next – hence the advantage of serviced offices, which gives them an entirely flexible solution in office space. In addition, the serviced office also allows startup enterprises to utilise various business services and take advantage of the opportunity to network and collaborate with other businesses and clients.

With a serviced office, you can have access to a whole range of facilities and other amenities that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to if you went for a standard lease – and this gives you a definite edge over your competitors as well.