September 27, 2021

TBS Oxford breaks sales records and gears up for expansion

TBS Oxford, a firm that supplies high performance and specialist cutting tools and consultancy, has overhauled its business processes, achieving time and cost savings through the efficient management of day-to-day tasks.

Due to growth, the company had outgrown the software systems it relied on for most business processes.

Working with OGL Computer, a leading provider of business software and IT services, TBS Oxford started by swapping out its accountancy software with a fully flexible and scalable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that grows with the business. Called Profit4 the ERP system centralises all of the company’s business processes in one place, and eliminates the need to spend time duplicating tasks or searching for information on different systems.

With Profit4 in place, the business was able to achieve its busiest month to date, when it turned over 20% against its target. And that’s with the company reporting that is not yet using the system to its full potential yet; when order processing times will be reduced still.

Richard Hare, Managing Director, TBS Oxford comments: “Investing in OGL’s Profit4 is the best thing that has happened to our business. Profit4 is the hub of our business. The software grows with our business, provides flexibility and automates daily processes that we previously had to do manually. Now we are freed up to focus solely on our customers, growing our business and diversifying with an ecommerce website for our key products – something we didn’t have the resource to do before due to the limits of our previous software.”

TBS Oxford looked at various ERP solutions before opting for OGL Software. “We drove up to their offices to see the product in action and meet the team and we committed right then. The solution didn’t require any costly changes to our existing IT infrastructure because it’s all cloud-based. We only need a simple PC because we’re not storing data on-site and we can even access it from a tablet, said Richard Hare, TBS Oxford.

When asked what advice the owner of TBS Oxford would give to other businesses that are struggling with limited systems and manual processes but are unsure whether to invest in a full ERP system, he said, “you shouldn’t be worried about any initial costs of implementing an ERP system, you should be worried about the hidden costs of what you’re doing right now.

“You’ll save so much time when you have the right system as it’s doing everything for you properly. Now I can quote, convert to order and make a PO in half a dozen clicks; that would have taken me hours before. The subscription model of Profit4 means the ongoing costs are small and actually, it isn’t costing us money because of the hidden costs it’s taken away.”