80% of managers in the UK have little to no training

How to debunk the leadership myth

Research suggests that four out of five of employees are promoted to managerial roles based on talent, skill or experience, but are not suitably equipped to cope with leading a team*.

Introducing ‘The Accidental Manager’- particularly common amongst those who have shown loyalty to a business or assume they are next in line for the job – however, Management is an entirely different skill to excelling in a previous role.  How can companies better prepare their employees for this title, and how can existing managers improve upon their own skills?

Sarah Chamberlain MBA, Head of Apprenticeship Delivery at York St John University, shares some key tips on how to better prepare such employees for new roles and responsibilities.

Invest in your employees

  • Identify strengths and areas for development
  • Encourage self-learning
  • Professional training

Create the right culture

  • Define vision and values and strategic fit with the organisation
  • Strong collaboration with stakeholders and wider networks
  • Operate an open-door policy and encourage feedback
  • Encourage innovation and change

Collaborate with your team

  • Welcome and value ideas that all employees offer
  • Encourage flexible learning and working
  • Implement succession planning and talent management

Recognition and motivation

  • Understand the motivation of your employees as individuals
  • Recognise efforts and performance
  • Be clear on expectations, objectives and goals

Through the government’s apprenticeship levy scheme which ends in September 2021, employers can fund their own management apprenticeship programmes. Over 90 British universities and colleges, including York St John, provide the Senior Leaders Degree Apprenticeship to help businesses do just that. It takes just 15 months to complete with students in full-time employment while learning.

Brendan Paddison, Associate Dean of York Business School, said, “Our Senior Leaders Apprenticeship has been designed to allow learners to gain a critical understanding of management knowledge, on which effective leadership and problem-solving skills can be developed in accordance with York St John’s proud tradition of social justice and impact.

“Students gain both the academic and practical experiences necessary to address contemporary global problems and challenges. Our teaching team is committed to ensuring students achieve their ambitions and are fully supported on their learning journey.”

The degree focuses on the development of the strategic, tactical and operational leadership skills of those contributing to the performance and long-term vision and growth of organisations. The programme also aims to accelerate the progression of experienced managers and functional specialists.

Find out more information here: https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/study/degree-apprenticeships/

*Data source: CMI https://bit.ly/3yDJLy8