Elliott’s commitment in moving to a Net Zero economy

As the world emerges from the global pandemic, we will continue to champion sustainability and circularity within our business and support our customers as they do the same.

Modular solutions for the circular economy

Sustainability and circularity are at the heart of Elliott’s modular solutions. Our business model provides a low-carbon solution for the circular economy. Through our services, projects, and client portfolio, we have integrated sustainability and ESG factors into our vision, purpose, and everyday business.

  • To achieve long-term success, we are transitioning to a sustainability strategy with circularity at its core, providing modular space for people to work, learn and live.
  • Working in collaboration with our stakeholders to create and develop a shared value for people and the planet. Creating products that make a positive difference to society while contributing to our ongoing success.
  • Developed our ongoing sustainability strategy around three key pillars: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), with circularity, adaptability, and leasing at the core.


Aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050

  • In 2021 we’ll continue to report to Board progress on Net Zero Strategy through the ESGS committee (4 reviews per annum)
  • In 2022 we’ll establish science-based targets
  • In 2023 we’ll source 100% Renewable Electricity for the Group where available
  • In 2025 we’ll reduce waste to landfill by 50% per typical unit (vs baseline 2020), reduce water consumption by the Group by 10% and reduce Group total gross emissions in metric tonnes CO2e by 10%, (vs baseline 2020)
  • In 2030 we’ll transform the new product portfolio to Net Zero carbon
  • In 2050 we aim to be Net Zero carbon of our end-to-end supply chain by 2050 and implementing our circular, ‘Loops within Loops’ model.