Copy House Grows 250% in Q1

Technology and FinTech content marketing agency adds 24 more companies to client list in 2021.

Copy House, an award-winning content marketing agency specialising in technology and FinTech, has grown during the pandemic, from a 60% annual growth rate to a projected 280% annual growth rate for 20/21.

In addition to this annual growth, since launching the company’s specialised marketing services in 2019 and pivoting to its technology specialism and agency model the UK-based content marketing agency Copy House has also grown 900%.

Kathryn Strachan, Copy House’s Owner and Managing Director commented: “I’m so excited by our growth. Our success was a direct response to our actions during the early pandemic. While others stood still, we went hard by zeroing in on what made us unique and investing in our marketing. We had originally worked with clients across a range of sectors, but when COVID knocked more than 50% of these clients off our books we had some hard decisions to make.

“We sat down, looked at our books and saw a real opportunity within the technology and FinTech space. We invested heavily in our marketing, sales efforts and team to propel our business forward and slingshot us out of the pandemic. After a lot of hard work, I’m delighted to see that our plan worked and we’re reaching for the stars.”

Since Copy House first opened its doors, its team has grown from one person to 21 people. In the last four months alone, Copy House has added 14 new team members and secured several large client wins with noteworthy brands. The company has sourced some of the best talent from across the UK to deliver high-quality content and driven its growth through these technology and FinTech content marketing experts.

Copy House also added 24 more clients to its global client base in 2021. These UK and European-based companies include Klarna, Travelex, Cigna, Nutmeg, FICO and more. Copy House prides itself on its 56.56% annual client retention rate, which includes projects as well as retained clients.

The company’s success is further highlighted by awards nominations and wins. In 2021, Copy House won the Prestige Awards for Best Content Marketing Agency of the Year, having been recognised for its passion, support and keen eye in the technology and FinTech fields.

Managing Director and Owner of Copy House, Kathryn Strachan, has also been shortlisted for the ScotlandIS Unsung Hero 2021 award and Global Women in Marketing Award in the Best Leader in Marketing Category 2020. Kathryn was shortlisted for the Unsung Hero award due to her pro-bono work with Winchester Creatives, a non-profit on a mission to help graduates get into the creative space during a very difficult year. This is in addition to the thought and care she puts towards both people and the planet, with the company recently announcing a move towards B-Corp status. Kathryn’s Best Leader in Marketing award celebrates her efforts of driving the success of Copy House during the pandemic.

Copy House’s values reflect Kathryn’s personal passions and she ensures the company practices what she preaches. For example, Copy House boasts an innovative Work From Anywhere Scheme as well as an Employee Assistance Programme that ensures the team’s mental wellbeing is cared for at all times. The company also regularly donates to charitable causes, including participating in the Race for Life event, and has launched a graduate programme to build students’ SEO skills and increase their ability to secure employment.

Copy House has also recently launched its new graphic design service, uniting together experienced designers with knowledgeable technology and FinTech writers and content producers. This service enables leading technology brands to produce highly personalised, engaging content that makes even the most complex of deep-tech topics understandable.

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