September 27, 2021

New ‘Pay as you go’ service to help SMEs support employee health

In recent weeks, the Government has recognised the importance of SMEs having access to effective occupational health support, reporting that SMEs are 80% less likely to offer access to workplace health advice and interventions to their employees.

Health Management, a Maximus UK company, is meeting this requirement with the introduction of a range of ‘Pay as you go’ occupational health services, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.The new service is intended to place quality occupational health provision within the reach of SMEs, who are unable to subscribe to contracted services.

Speaking about the new support service, Dr Mark Simpson, Chief Medical Officer at Health Management, said;

“While businesses of all sizes have experienced increased demand for occupational health support during the pandemic, many smaller businesses have been struggling to survive, and have therefore been unable to take on an additional financial burden. Health Management’s ‘Pay as you go’ service is a potential lifeline – allowing smaller firms to easily access occupational health services as and when they’re required, without the need for an ongoing financial commitment”.

Matt Wood, Managing Director at Health Management, said;

“Currently, we provide high-quality contract workforce health services to over 400 businesses and support over 2.25million of their employees in the UK. By providing this pay-as-you-go service, SME businesses can access the same high-quality service as and when they need it”.

The service provides a quick and seamless user experience, allowing managers to refer employees and pay for occupational health services online. These include support for common workplace health complaints such as musculoskeletal problems and mental health conditions.

In addition to the pay-as-you-go service, Health Management recently expanded its suite of mental health training courses, with the introduction of a new Mental Health First Aid refresher course, designed to enhance employee knowledge with new insights in the field of mental health.

For more information about Health Management’s ‘Pay as you go’ service, click here.