Explorance launches breakthrough tool for employee experience management

Text-based open-ended employee feedback is traditionally challenging for enterprise organisations to analyse and interpret, but this unruly qualitative data can now offer the richest and most actionable insights to business and HR leaders.

Now, Explorance, a leader in Experience Management (XM) solutions, has introduced BlueML: the only machine learning-powered comment analysis solution specifically trained to turn employee responses into decision-grade intelligence. With BlueML, business leaders can make sense of — and make decisions from — the unstructured data gathered from employee surveys and other sources of feedback, driving meaningful and actionable insights in just seconds.

Until now, comment analysis tools only leveraged machine learning models trained to analyse generic text-based data, rather than real employee comments. BlueML is a “text analytics first” BI solution whose models have been trained on HR-specific content across different industries and organisations and include employee feedback around culture, onboarding, engagement, exit surveys and more.

The BlueML dashboard automatically scans and categorises employee comments and provides polarity sentiment analysis and forward-looking recommendations that drive insight and action. BlueML allows HR leaders to work with data and compare data sources and inputs in real-time, providing the insights they need to identify trends, challenges and opportunities.

“Talent is one of the biggest issues businesses are facing this year, presenting three critical challenges: recruitment, retention and inclusion,” explained Samer Saab, Founder and CEO of Explorance. “Businesses are collecting more employee feedback than ever before, yet they lack the tools to easily and accurately analyse and interpret this feedback. BlueML enables business leaders to not only listen to their employees’ feedback, but to take timely and meaningful action in response.”

Through its ability to quickly analyse comments at enterprise scale, BlueML helps each and every employee’s voice to be heard, supporting employee wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion, and driving meaningful feedback, engagement and retention while enhancing speed to impact. BlueML’s models learn and improve over time, continuously getting “smarter” and more accurate, delivering the richest insights possible to support companies’ biggest talent decisions.

BlueML is an integral part of Explorance’s full suite of Employee Experience Management solutions, including the recently updated Blue 8.0 XM platform. BlueML can also augment companies’ existing XM technology stacks by providing a scalable method for analysing text-based content from virtually any source, including both solicited feedback, such as employee surveys, and unsolicited feedback such as on social media. BlueML delivers unparalleled comment categorisation, sentiment analysis, insights, and recommendations that help HR leaders efficiently manage the employee experience “from hire to retire.”