askporter unveils new version of AI platform to drive industry expansion

London based AI tech firm, askporter, has unveiled a new version of its Artificial Intelligence [AI] platform to enable public and private sector organisations to manage their customers, places, and assets autonomously.

Established in 2017 by CEO, Tom Shrive, askporter was initially launched as an effective management solution for the property sector – enabling facilities and property management providers to benefit from the platform’s capability to seamlessly manage and respond to human interaction, while automating repetitive, outdated, and time-consuming tasks.

Over the last two years, the askporter team have invested time and resource into the redevelopment of its AI platform, culminating in a highly configurable solution that can successfully deliver end-to-end automation across both public and private sectors.

Unlike chatbot solutions, the new askporter platform combines its own AI assistant that can hold natural conversations across any channel, with workflow automation to successfully progress tasks autonomously to completion – from collecting additional information, payments, and bookings through to verifying identification. In addition, its open API enables the platform to connect with partner systems and IOT devices to integrate with operational workflow and provide seamlessly automated actions, such as event triggers and escalations.

Following successful deployments at both Local Authority and Corporate Enterprise level, the askporter senior leadership team are now focused on implementing the platform across target industry sectors both UK and worldwide, while significantly increasing market share over the next 5 years.

Lee Morris, Chief Commercial Officer for askporter, confirmed: “askporter was founded from the belief that human time is precious, and that people should be able to interact with their real-world environment effortlessly.

In redeveloping the askporter platform, we have integrated our AI assistant with workflow automation to deliver a highly configurable end-to-end solution that helps public sector and enterprise organisations improve service delivery whilst accelerating to a less resource intensive and lower cost-based operation. We have already implemented the new askporter platform into a number of public and private sector settings and are seeing excellent results, particularly with improved customer service and engagement levels – so watch this space.”

Headquartered in London, askporter currently employs a team of 27 tech specialists – forecast to accelerate to 50 within the next 12 months.

In 2020, the innovative tech firm received a fresh round of £2 million in funding to enable it to meet the accelerated demand for AI assisted solutions as a result of the pandemic.

This follows significant investment from a number of leading VC’s and investment companies including Google, with askporter looking to raise another growth round in 2022.

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