Lockdown Baby Mum launches Jewellery Business Inspired by Scandinavian Living

A mum who gave birth alone during the height of the first lockdown has launched a jewellery business inspired by Scandinavian living.

Naz Wilson, gave birth to her 11-month old son, Harry, during the first wave of lockdown in the UK. Due to Covid restrictions she underwent a C-section alone and then spent most of the remaining year shielding.

During this time, she decided to take the next step with her handmade jewellery and launch Eiram Design Jewellery.

Naz said: “I’ve always wanted to design jewellery but never had the courage to take the full step and launch my own online store. During lockdown I decided to take a leap of faith and it’s been going strong ever since”

Eiram Design Jewellery is based in the small market town of Darlington in the North East UK. Naz, who is also currently doing her PhD in Entrepreneurship, specialises in wire wrapped designs.

She said: “I work a lot with different materials, mainly silver and freshwater pearls. I take inspiration from Scandinavia to bring timeless pieces to women at an affordable price. All jewellery is designed and sourced by me and carefully handcrafted to be elegant and lightweight.”

The mum-of-two said the name for her business is inspired by her daughter, Marie aged 6.

“Eiram Design Jewellery is named after my daughter Marie, who is the strongest person I know. Eiram is her name spelt backwards. Marie almost died at birth and was in NICU for weeks.”

She continued: “Marie loves helping me with business advice which can be quite fun because of her raw honesty!”

Future plans include ambitions to have her own jewellery studio and expand her business.

“I absolutely love what I do and hope that I can expand in the future. At the moment I am working on the spring/summer collection.

After a full year of lockdown who knows what the future will bring? All I know is that I am very excited about it”