September 17, 2021

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust launches ‘Shape Up 4 Surgery’ campaign with digital marketing agency

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has partnered with digital marketing agency Bolser to launch ‘Shape Up 4 Surgery’ – a campaign to promote the importance of getting in shape before surgery.

The campaign has been created to reach people from a diverse range of backgrounds and demographics across Leeds and its surrounding areas.

It highlights the importance of physically and mentally preparing for surgery, which can positively impact both surgery itself and recovery.

Shape Up 4 Surgery focuses on four key areas – physical, lifestyle, awareness and next steps – with easy to access information and guidance on how to prepare for planned surgery.

The Trust worked with Leeds-based agency Bolser to design an accessible website where people awaiting surgery can meet the pre-assessment team, hear from surgeons and anaesthetists, try some of the exercise and lifestyle tips or refer themselves to a specialist support service.

Bolser and the Trust also worked together to develop a brand identity, key messaging and a suite of creative assets including van wraps, bus vinyls and a two-minute animated video for the campaign.

Sophie Blow, clinical lead at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, said: “We realise that coming into hospital for surgery can be extremely daunting and a complete unknown for many. With our Shape Up 4 Surgery campaign, we have tried to put a friendlier face on surgery and provide plenty of resources to help people feel more confident, aware and in control of getting themselves ready.

“We know from our data that being in the best shape possible, both physically and mentally, has a big impact on positive outcomes for surgery.

“Supporting people through their preparation and encouraging them to get on board with their health were the main drivers for this campaign, which has reached across Leeds and beyond to some of the key areas of the country where people travel from for surgery.

“We’re really pleased with the campaign, which has got off to a great start. We hope that it can grow and expand from here to have the biggest impact possible on people’s health and on their experiences when accessing surgical services.”

The campaign’s core focus areas formed the basis for the creative concept development and design work Bolser delivered, with the agency creating a PLAN acronym which serves as the basis for the campaign’s creative assets across channels.

Bolser managing director, Ashley Bolser, commented: “We were very pleased to be appointed to deliver the Shape Up 4 Surgery campaign. Anyone who has experienced surgery knows they want to get back to normal as soon as possible, and the campaign is aimed at achieving that goal.

“I’m proud of the team at Bolser for devising a campaign which intelligently leverages traditional, digital and social media channels to reach and engage a diverse range of communities.

“The same team is now helping implement the activity and everyone at the agency is taking a great deal of satisfaction from knowing what we are doing can make a real positive difference to people’s lives.”

Founded in 2001, Bolser provides digital marketing consultancy, including web and app development, to a range of national and international clients including Discovery Channel, AIG and Taco Bell.

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