September 17, 2021

How to Properly Prepare Your Business Premises for an Air Conditioning System

For more people and businesses than ever, air conditioning has become a vital necessity. The proper air conditioning system can make your indoor environment – whether it’s an office or retail space, an industrial facility, and more – a lot more comfortable, and it can even enhance your employees’ safety and protect them from the proliferation of viruses and bacteria or the buildup of mould and damp. But it’s one thing to decide you need an AC system in your business property and another thing to prepare your property for one. Installing an air conditioning system can be quite labour-intensive, so if you want to make it as quick and easy (and painless) a process as possible, here’s how to properly prepare your business premises for an air conditioning system.


  • Assess the ductwork

One of the first things you should do is assess the ductwork on your premises. Your AC system may be connected to your ductwork, and this is the part of your structure or building that will facilitate the flow and distribution of cool or warm air from the AC unit to the rest of the indoor space. The thing is, air ducts may deteriorate over time, and they may get damaged, too. So before planning an installation, seek out a professional who can assess your premises’ ductwork. They can then work on repair if need be and perhaps replace a few ducts as well. If your property’s ductwork is in good condition, this can help ensure that you make the most out of your AC system.


  • Select the proper unit

Of course, one major factor is your unit or system. Whilst it’s crucial to think about your budget, you should also consider the system or unit’s suitability for your needs, particularly the size of the premises where it is to be installed. If you rely on Surrey air conditioning from Sub Cool FM, for instance, they can present you with plenty of viable options in terms of the most ideal system based on your budget and requirements.

This is a crucial consideration because you wouldn’t want to end up with a system that’s too small or will be overworked, and neither would you want something too big, which is a waste of energy.


  • Ensure space for the AC condenser

Another thing you should do to prepare is to ensure that you have space for the system’s condenser. Condensers are installed outside, and it’s a piece of equipment that’s crucial for an AC system. The function of the condenser is to draw air from outside and transfer it inside so your AC can spread the air around the area. Needless to say, your system’s condenser should be in a good location so your AC can work with maximum efficiency. The space provided for the condenser should have ample shade, and your air conditioning installer can help you with this. The area for the condenser should also be clear, making it easier and quicker for the installer to finish their work.

It’s crucial to choose the best installer as well because not only will they ensure a smooth installation process – they can be with you every step of the way to make sure you have the ideal AC solution,  and will even be there to ensure that your system lasts for as long as possible.


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