BigStar recruits new Head of Royalties

Business management and accountancy firm, BigStar, has announced the recruitment of new Head of Royalties, Atjaz Humayun. Working closely with CEO, Nick Lawrence, and the rest of the team, Atjaz will be tasked with ensuring that BigStar’s offers its roster of talent a cloud-based, fully transparent, royalties accountancy service.

Having previously worked at PRS, Universal and HIT Entertainment, Atjaz brings a real depth of experience to the role, and alongside his day to day responsibilities, will be joining Nick in advocating for change in how the royalties system pays artists.

Atjaz comments:

“BigStar has shown that it does business based on the principles it believes in, and those principles match my own. First and foremost I love the faith Nick and the team has in the artists on the roster and the clear passion for the art they produce. But on top of that, I also see a real opportunity here. Not just the chance to work with the awesome talent and help build careers, but also being part of BigStar’s agitation for change and modernisation of the royalties system as a whole.”Nick Lawrence, CEO of BigStar, comments:

“I’m excited. Atjaz is awesome and he totally gets what we’re all about here. I’ve said it before, but the royalties system needs major surgery, and even though I know Atjaz is really focused on servicing our clients with the passion and expertise we’re known for, I also know he’s willing to fight hard for the rights of our artists and call out industry BS when he sees it!”