Simplifying business connectivity for digital transformation

Connectivity is key in any business and forms a core aspect of any digital transformation strategy. You must always be sure that the connection you have can support your company – treating this as something of an afterthought will leave you adrift if you are not careful.

The expanding landscape of business connectivity

There are plenty of ways to stay connected, from leased lines to bonded broadband. This is especially prominent in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, where connectivity became even more important than before. This has been compounded by the further development of cloud computing as well as general technological growth.

There is not enough fibre-optic in the world to meet the growing demands of the digital world, and so we are seeing an increase in alternatives that can provide similar benefits. Leased lines can connect multiple offices across the country and have done for decades with trademark reliability – sometimes the old ways work just as well. Their high upload and download speeds may come with a cost, but the security and support afforded can compensate for it.

Bonded broadband options can synergise multiple connections, providing a speed akin to fibre-optic even in an incompatible setting. This is great if you have a lot of traffic in your network, and the lines can be easily switched if one were to suddenly experience an issue – this means it has high uptime compared to a non-bonded solution.


Simplifying which connection is right for your business

You need to balance plenty of factors in choosing the right connection, and two facets of this will be cost and traffic. You have to consider the needs of your company – it would not be cost-effective to get such a high-end deal if you just use the internet occasionally.

Alternatively, you might rely on an online storefront or constant cloud connectivity to function. This would make strong internet a prerequisite. Always consider the next step for your company – its needs today may not be the same in a year.

Cloud computing may necessitate a bonded broadband system that can stay active even if one line has an issue, as it will need constant server use for day-to-day operations. Simple leased lines or otherwise strong business broadband connections should be able to sustain your business generally – leased lines for example are built upon their versatility in any part of the country.


How to build a telephony/VoIP system

Voice Over Internet Protocol (also known as internet telephony) is a way of making calls without a phone line; you can do this with a special adapter on a landline, but businesses are looking towards programs such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more to sustain their phone needs.

Some broadband services offer VoIP as a standard. Though the call quality will depend on the strength of your connection, this just makes it all the more important to choose one that works for your business. This will be a lot cheaper than regular landlines, even with dedicated company plans for Teams and other similar services.


The process towards transforming business connectivity

Taking the plunge to overhaul the connectivity of your company might be daunting, but it will help. First, you must identify your needs as mentioned above – a good transformation may be a step down if you would benefit from a cheaper connection that can still do a decent job. Do not just go for a ‘flashy’ option – go for what would truly help your business meet its goals better. Make sure you also have the space for the relevant infrastructure.

This may involve changing your type of connection entirely. Selecting the right company with the right deal that works within your budget is paramount – again, consider your future needs. If you wish to expand your operations significantly, it may be worth investing in a more robust system of any kind that is appropriate.

Once you have identified the connection you need and have arranged its installation, you will be able to reap the benefits of a stronger network. If you wish for internet telephony to become a core part of your business, you can similarly implement a VoIP system.

You and your company do not have to be left behind even as we move even quicker through the digital age.