What are cannabis shakes and why do they happen?

Cannabis users will relate to this – you smoke a joint, and minutes later you’re shaking and shivering as if you were sitting in the north pole. 

When it comes to consuming cannabis, although everyone has their own experiences, there are indeed common patterns, such as the munchies, or getting creative, wanting to take a nap, and the rare shakes. 

Cannabis shakes are completely normal, they’re just our body’s response to some of the following possibilities. 

Shakes caused by overstimulation

Sometimes, people will get the shakes because of external factors that get combined with the state of being high. In simpler words, if you’re in a hyped context as you’re stoned, or if you are feeling nervous about something, or excited, the shakes might trigger. 

Furthermore, the cannabis shakes could also be produced by the combination of tobacco and marijuana, a.k.a. the famous spliff. Nicotine is also known to be a stimulant, so the combination of it and marijuana could definitely be the reason why you’re shivering. 


Smoking too much or too strong

Another common reason why people experience the shivers is that they might have ingested a huge amount of cannabis, or extremely potent strains, with a high THC percentage, such as Gelato seeds. There’s nothing to worry about though as overdosing from cannabis is practically impossible, you’d have to smoke almost 700kg in 15 minutes.  Just take a deep breath and laugh at the fact that you may have gone slightly too far this time. 


You’re shaking because it’s cold! 

Many times people will mistake the shakes caused by being cold for the cannabis shakes. 

However, cannabis could indeed be slightly linked to being-cold shakes. When we get high, sometimes our body temperature drops a little bit, which, in combination with cold weather, could lead to shaking. It’s easy to relieve these shakes, find somewhere warm, or warmer clothes and try getting yourself distracted from the fact that you’re cold.


Don’t freak out though, the shakes aren’t going to last forever, and there are indeed some ways of alleviating them. In the first place, what you’ll need to do is relax, if you’re not relaxed then you will definitely not be able to get rid of the cannabis shakes. Talk to a friend, turn on a movie, get yourself anything to do that will take your mind off of them. 

Secondly, when the shakes persist, perhaps move around so you can build up some body heat. 

And as a last step, to prevent future shakes, consider checking which strains you consume before consuming them. You may, (or should) be aware of two main differences between strains: Indica vs Sativa. The first is normally associated with a chill type of high, normally being the one people are prescribed with when they have issues such as anxiety or insomnia. Sativa, on the other hand, is often described as a euphoric, stimulant type of high.

Therefore, if you’re getting the shakes much too often, maybe it’s time to switch to more Indica dominant strains. Other factors such as the terpenes profile can also influence the type of high you will get. For instance, linalool, a compound also found in lavender, is known for providing a deep relaxation state of mind, therefore, no shakes should be triggered. So, next time you buy cannabis seeds or buds, definitely check the label or ask a canna-connoisseur for advice. 

And if anytime you find yourself with extreme cannabis shakes, as a last piece of advice, you could try smoking some CBD to counteract the effects, which will never fail to do.