5 Tips for How Businesses Today Can Attract Top Graduate Recruits

For many businesses, an essential part of recruitment is taking on young university graduates every year. We have come up with tips on how businesses today can attract top graduate recruits.


Connect with Young People Online and Over Social Media

To attract top graduates, companies in 2022 must ensure their brand is visible to graduates and have a presence in the spaces young people occupy, such as across popular social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook etc.

Engaging social media campaigns will spread the word amongst young people that your company is currently recruiting graduates. Make sure the language in your posts is clear and punchy, use exciting graphics and images, and perhaps even record interesting video clips to give a visual insight into what working with your company will be like for graduates.


Offer Clearly Defined Career Progression

Graduates tend to be ambitious and seek employment opportunities where there is a clear career progression path. This will not only tell them the roles and duties they could potentially take on in the future, but they should be able to see how their salary with your company can progress through the years by taking on more responsibilities.


Attend University Graduate Career Fairs

A great way to get in there early and speak face to face with students who will soon become graduates is by your company going to attend graduate career fairs across the country.  Students relish the opportunity to speak with employers about anything and everything related to jobs at graduate career fairs, so businesses attending should be ready and prepared to answer any questions. Any company setting up at a graduate career fair should make sure their stand is well organised, provide students with relevant information through leaflets explaining the company’s graduate program in detail, and looks attractive and engaging. Graduate employers looking for exhibition stands with flare may want to take a look at the exhibition stand contractor Pinnacle Creative Design Agency.


Make Sure the Job Role is Exciting and Interesting for a Young Person

Young people will be disinterested if they feel the roles on offer by your company and the day-to-day tasks are dull and uninspiring through reading materials on your graduate careers. Explain the purpose of the graduate job roles at your company and present them in a way that makes them appear exciting to young adults. For example, an IT cybersecurity company would have to convince graduates they are industry thought leaders involved in cutting edge technology and innovative practices and hence an exciting place to work.


Communicate Openly About Your Company Culture

Getting the message across to prospective graduate recruits on your company culture and why your company is a great employer to work for is very important. You may want to speak on your company’s mission, vision, key goals, work social events, the workplace facilities such as the office space.

New employees in your company must immediately embrace and connect with your company culture. During the recruitment phase, you should assess whether individual applicants align with your company culture and values.