Ways Businesses in London Can Be More Eco-friendly In 2021

Businesses in the capital in 2021 need to make sure they do their bit to reduce their contribution to pollution levels in London and protect our precious planet. We have come up with a guide to ways businesses in London can be more eco-friendly.


Encourage Employees to Use Public Transport and Green Alternatives to Travel to Work

Businesses wanting to think of ways to reduce their carbon footprint in 2021 should firstly consider encouraging their employees to ditch the car and travel to work by public transport or by any other green alternative method of transport. This may include promoting workers to take the tube, the overground trains, buses, or investing in a push bike as a way to travel to and from work. After all, it would be somewhat hypocritical for a company in London to present itself as being green and protecting the planet, whilst not discouraging employees from pumping fossil fuels into the Earth’s atmosphere on a daily basis by driving the car to work.

Educating staff on sustainable things they can do to protect the planet is a very important for any modern business wanting to create a green workplace culture. The business may want to hold presentations and workshops ran by climate change experts as an opportunity to teach staff more about sustainability.


Use Cars as Little as Possible for Business Operations

Not only can it be a pain to navigate the city of London via car what with the endless traffic and the congestion charge, businesses doing so for all their daily business operations will be ruining the planet and making London’s air much dirtier.

If your company has to make lots of deliveries every day around London by van or car, as a business have a good look into greener alternatives you can embrace. The Mango Logistics Group offers a delivery service for London businesses with green options such as push bikes and e-cargo bikes as alternatives to vans and motorbike couriers. Push bikes are able to transport small size items such important documents, and state of the art e-cargo bikes are able to carry small parcels and boxes. You also have the advantage of having to worry much less about how you are going to be able to park with push bikes than when driving massive vans.


Ensure Sustainability in The Workplace

Making sure the office or workplace space can be run in a sustainable way is key to businesses being eco-friendly. There are multiple different ways working premises in 2021 can behave in a sustainable manner. Examples of sustainable measures which should be in place in the workplace include recycling and reusing materials and waste at every available opportunity, no single use plastic items, having a work building which is insulated and heated in a way which is as eco friendly as feasibly possible. It is essential for businesses wanting to spread the word to others about the importance of sustainability to make sure that their workspaces are eco-friendly too.


These are just a few tips to steps businesses in London can take to be more eco-friendly and protect the planet in 2021.