Why Should You Consider Buying an Electric Car?

Public opinion is shifting on electric vehicles. Once a poor performer with short mileage and inconvenient charging needs, recent technological developments have turned electric vehicles into a real contender for the roads in the 21st century. But why exactly should you buy an electric vehicle?


Saving Money

One major benefit of switching to an electric vehicle is a financial one. With more and more full-electric versions of popular vehicles being developed by major manufacturers – the new Vauxhall Corsa E being an excellent example – the number of EVs available on the market has increased considerably. This has had a knock-on effect on cost, making them more competitively priced than ever before.

But the savings are not solely found in the list price for new electric vehicles. The running costs for an electric car can be far lower than those of its petrol counterparts; charging an EV using electrical points was cheaper than filling up a petrol vehicle, even before the cost of petrol rose to an all-time high as a result of instability in the oil market. EV motors are also far simpler than combustion engines, saving maintenance costs and the price of engine oil.


Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Environmental issues have become a pressure point for many members of the public in the UK, with more and more people invested in lowering their carbon footprint to slow the rising of global temperatures. One of the single biggest impacts a person can make with regard to their carbon emissions is to cut out the use of fossil fuels, by either ditching a car for public transport or switching to a full-electric vehicle.


The End of New Petrol Car Sales

The environmental incentives do not stop with personal ambitions; the UK government has implemented a series of directives, in an effort to reduce national emissions – one of which is a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars starting in 2030. The bold measure is designed to curb the number of gas-guzzlers on the road, and to gradually turn the general public onto the use of full-electric vehicles. As petrol vehicles become increasingly obsolete, and increasingly susceptible to emissions charges and levies, getting ahead of the curve and purchasing an EV can save headaches in the future.


Ease of Use

Aside from the monetary and environmental benefits of switching to an electric vehicle, using one for day-to-day driving can prove far simpler and easier than using a petrol or diesel vehicle. As mentioned before, the motor in an EV is far less complex than the internal combustion engine, requiring less maintenance as a result. Not only a cost-saving measure, but this also reduces the number of times you need to take time out to visit a mechanic. The motor also does not require engine oil, making personal maintenance much simpler.