How To Incorporate the Latest Lifestyle Trends into Your Retail Business

After what was a turbulent year for many, 2021 has seen us adjust to life in a “new normal”. This shift in the way that people live created new and noticeable lifestyle trends.

The top lifestyle trends for 2021 noticeably reflect the increased public awareness of prioritising health and compassion. Today, we will be discussing what these trends are and how you can incorporate them into your retail businesses.


Environmental awareness is something that has been increasingly growing over the past few years. Now, there is a heightened focus on sustainable living, and it is a lifestyle trend that continues to rise in popularity each day. But how is this influencing retail? The answer to that is quite dramatically. Now there seems to be a shift from fast fashion to vintage and second-hand clothing investments. Companies are also trying to adopt a sustainable approach towards factors like packaging.

So, how can your business incorporate this trend? The truth is, there is a lot that your company can do to become more sustainable. All it takes is some quick online research to find out how. You can actively cut down on your plastic waste and energy usage. You can also seek sustainable alternatives. For example, swap your plastic bags for paper bags.

Natural Remedies

Although this isn’t a new lifestyle-choice for many, there is no denying that natural remedies have become one of the biggest lifestyle trends of 2021. Consumers are now more exposed to the benefits associated with natural remedies. Many people now turn to these products to help them treat common conditions. One natural ingredient that has dominated the retail market is CBD oil. There are plenty of studies that show how CBD oil can treat conditions such as acne and anxiety.

If you are looking to incorporate this lifestyle trend into your business, it is worth stocking CBD-infused products into your store. To do this, you will need to find a CBD wholesaler who can supply you with a quality product and a range that will suit your target audience. There is a large range of products out there and the key is to have your target market at the forefront of your mind. Think about the products they will need and want to buy, and this will help you to choose your product range.


Minimalism has become a lifestyle trend which has partly been motivated by sustainability. After spending a lot of time in our own homes, many people failed to see the need for excess objects both in our lives and around the home. This encouraged people to purchase their products mindfully. Now, shoppers want products that they see a need for or add value to their lives. To adopt this lifestyle trend, it can help retail businesses to adopt a minimalist look instore.

To achieve this, you need to understand that less is more. Now, shops are trying not to overcrowd their space with products. It helps your customers focus more on your products as they are not faced with shelves crammed full of stock which can be a little overwhelming. It can help to look at some minimalist interior design tips to get you started.

Shopping Small

You may already be familiar with the term “shop small” as now it is plastered along the high street. This trend, again, links with sustainability. Now, customers are seeking out small local businesses when they shop. Shopping locally is also known to have less of an environmental impact than shopping with big global retailers. It’s worth researching why people love local businesses as it can give you a clearer idea of why it is important.

If you are already a small business, then you won’t have to do a lot conform to this trend. However, what do the bigger retailers need to do? Ideally, you will take a look at your current product range. Try to make space in your store to source local products. If customers can see that you support small local businesses, they are likely to want to enter your store. It shows your customers that you acknowledge this lifestyle trends whilst understanding its importance.

Why Are These Trends Important?

It is important that retail businesses acknowledge these growing lifestyle trends in order to help them flourish whilst improving that all-important profitability. All retail business owners should put their customers first. By acknowledging these trends, you are showing your customers that you not only respect their lifestyle choices, but that you are also willing to cater to them.

Businesses who can incorporate these trends into their operations will see a significant growth in customer loyalty. So, next time you are planning on how you will take your business to the next level, research current lifestyle trends and plan how you can incorporate them into your business.